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Vatatosaurus rex

They really need to add the Vatatosaurus rex

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These are dinosaurs that do not exist so it would surprise me if they were added

indominus, indoraptor and the hybrids do not exist either.

And I want Patatosaurus Rex. Just created in the kitchen today and thought that could be implemented into the game. I also like to see Broccolisaurus and Onionodactylus. Cabbageraptor would be even better. Please Ludia, we need more veggies for a healthier diet.

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Ohh goes great with Parmigiano Rex. With a pinch of basilico on top(pah). 🤌🤌

Oh ye and noodlevenator

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And pastasuchus

See what I did there

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Vastatosaurus is a Copyrighted character of Kong! The two Indo is in Jurassic Park Saga! Where was they connection?

We need other classes than carnivores

the connection is that are invented dinos…