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Velo has been beaten!

Just to let all know, yes, Deinonychus’s “extreme speed” is 132, as some suspected. It means that now all the old records are beaten now. Apato doesn’t have the highest HP since 1.7. Rex doesn’t have the highest attack since 2.0. And Velo doesn’t have the highest speed since 2.0 too. For me it’s bad, I liked all these dinos being best at one thing…
But it seems life finds a way to break old records!

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Do you try deinonychus vs velo because it have same speed i want to know who faster (because i think different dino jave speed but it not equal)

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If both have 132 speed and both are common then it’s down to the speed of the player.

Okay because i found something make me rekt
Sometime i click ability and wait opponent but he use before me it make me rekt

Probably just game lag or something.

I think yes