Veloc keeps getting knocked back


My Velociraptor keeps getting dinged down to 25XX/4000. WHY? This first happened after the big update, then just this a.m. I was around 35XX/4000 both times and saving coins to level up. Help!


Hey Dave2, our support team would be glad to take a look at your account and see what might have happened. Contact our staff with your support key here at


It just happened again. I’ve follwed your link w/no success. I also don’t know what support key is.



The support key shows on the loading screen when you start the game. It’s at the bottom.


Hey Dave2, your support key is the 8 letter code that should be near the loading bar when you first launch the game, it’s also displayed in the in-game Player Profile > Settings menu on the bottom left corner. You’ll need to include that in your email that you send to our support team.


That’s not a link it’s an email address