Velociraptor Echo abilities


If someone has gotten Echo already, can you show me a screenshot with her abilities, please? Thank you <3



unless it’s a high level , the low health and lack of pounces attack decrease, I think she’ll struggle a little


Thanks! Nevermind the lack of pounce, she mostly suffers from that terribly low speed. The slowing impact won’t help, because any opponent that’s faster than her will one-shot her. Yup, useless, and I’m glad for that, we already have too many raptors.

Thank you! <3


This stats and skills looks more like Tanycolagreus than raptors.
But speed 126 is kinda weak, also health might be not able to survive any raptor’s pounce.


Yup that’s my point, Tany can manage because she has 130 speed. But 126 speed is just useless for a raptor and slowing impact is useless too.


This here is exactly what I was talking about in previous threads. The biggest problem with all of this is that it’s becoming just a Raptor vs. Raptor (or tanks) game.

Never mind that the speed is still some of the best in the game, or that there’s a good amount of damage coming from something that cannot be slowed and can slow something else, because we’re comparing it to a number of other raptors she’s too slow to live.

This game desperately needs a balance look-over, and for crying out loud NO. MORE. RAPTORS.


Despite being an above average speed, it’s just too low for a raptor (meaning high damage, low health). For a speed below 128, you NEED to have decent health to survive, otherwise it’s useless because any dinosaur with higher speed will one shot Echo and she will never have a chance to use slowing impact.

But yes, the raptor vs raptor/raptor vs tank is getting very boring.


Yes and no. She’s not gonna tank much of anything, but those are, I’m assuming, level 6 or 7 stats. Outside of other Raptors specifically there isn’t going to be too much that can immediately one-shot her. She can technically slow down another fast non-raptor, Dilophosaurus, Erlikosaurus, etc. enough to gain the advantage without suffering ill effects herself, but compared to what we all know everyone else has - Velociraptor, if not the rest of these fancier ones - she’s a weak link. Just like nearly every other non-raptor.


Echo has imunity, echo is alive confirmed!


We can’t get enough Raptors, I love them. :wink:


Indoraptor is not really a raptor, though, is she? Despite her name, her abilities are not like raptor ones at all.


That’s great, but some of us would now like to try a little variation without feeling like we have to play raptors or their best counters only. :stuck_out_tongue:


The screenshot was just a little joke of course. But wish I had Indoraptor. If I get too many Raptors in a Match, I often loose (get swiped by people with Lv. 21 V-Raptor for example …).