Velociraptor far too good for a common


Plain and simple, the velociraptor is far too good for a common. Attack too high and simply too fast. It can 2-shot a T-rex before the rex has a chance to respond. Either decrease the attack or slow it down, no common should be able to wipe a team of rares and epics.


It cant if you know how to counter it. And constantly switching out your dinos isnt always the beat idea. I mean, I just went up against a person that easily could have destroyed my raptor but they decided mid fight to change. This not only makes it so my raptor attacks twice, it insures the ability to use its special on both that and the next dino.


Give T Rexs 50% damage immunity to raptors.


The Velociraptor’s pounce should only lower opponents attack by 25% in stead of the 50%.


Yes Yes again raptors are OP. Wait till you get to 3200+ pts then you will cry to get your raptors in team because aponents are 5-8 lvl higher then your highest dino

Also there are at least 5 raptor counters that can survive raptor attack and kill raptor. Read forums, diskord . Dont just cry here


I’d give T. rex immunity too, not because raptors are op but because it’s silly that in jurassic park she obliterated two velociraptor and in the game can’t take down even one :t_rex:


I mean velociraptor is the only common to be in the highest tier. It also has one of the best moves in the game: pounce but low health really good attack and is the fastest dinosaur in the game. It is much better than any common or rare. And this game is also somewhat luck based so a counter isn’t always an option. And not to forget there are 3 other Dino’s in the enemy team so yes I would agree that it is to strong for a common


You really shouldn’t have to build your team around countering a COMMON. If you want to leave the speed that’s fine, but the attack power is just too high.

Velociraptor can remain as a fast finisher, but it shouldn’t be 1-shotting larger dinos or 2-hit killing a rex before the rex can respond.


The velociraptor in real life would wipe the floor against a trex. Paleontologists even stated it. And it being a common just means more people get to use its amazing attack and speed. So get out there and catch yourself some raptors :+1:


V-Raptor can only two-shot a T-Rex if you swapped the T-Rex into battle which is a terrible idea. Any dino in the game can two shot a T-Rex it’s the biggest weakness. You have to lead with T-Rex in the open of the match if you want to use it to stop a raptor of any sort not just common V-Raptor. If I don’t get V-Raptor then I just lead with something that I know can beat it in two moves.


Exactly, dealing with raptors is all about strategy. And in the higher ranking arena where the indo Rex comes in (which I recently faced up against), you will feel blessed about these speedy little devils. Wrecked his team but because the raptor is squishy I lost him.:cry:



The velociraptor “in real life” was about the size of a turkey. No chance it could touch a rex. The Jurassic Park velociraptors were imagined up for the movies.


Velociraptor destroys trex if both are started at beginning of match, not if you swap rex in. Honestly raptors should be fast but not that damaging. They couldn’t touch large dinos. Skin too thick. Maybe they should make pounce 1.5x instead of 2x


Lol look it up. The trex would get wrecked.


Velociraptor vs rex would be like a chicken vs a Nile crocodile. Or a humming bird vs a human. Velociraptor stands no chance at all. They aren’t like in the movies. It would take a whole swarm to even hurt a rex




They are actually based on the utahraptor but velociraptor sounded cooler. The Utahraptor in this game is actually closer to what a real velociraptor might have looked like.


O.k. so apparently I am to forward on my posts & vulgar, offensive, and rude so I shall tone it down for those that don’t like vulgarities. Anyways I hear a lot of whining going on. I’ve beat a raptor with some high defense Dino’s. What I’m curious about is why I don’t have the option to choose which of my collection to send to battle?


I think it’s a good thing that free players have easy access to a good dinosaur - keep it common to give free players a chance.

Most of the posts on here want to decrease the effectiveness of the velociraptor which would make it harder for free players to compete I think.


There is a difference between having a “good” dino for free players and giving everyone what is arguably the best dino in the game. Velociraptor is so good that not only do you need it on your team you must also devote at least two slots to countering it. So that’s 3 out of 8 dinos taken up, severely limiting variety in battle.