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Velociraptor gen 2 and 3 and t rex gen 3

I know we have 5 velociraptors by now but i think we should also have the lost world raptors and the jurassic park 3 raptors. If not as their own gens then at least as skins.
What do you think. Should we have the classic raptors as well?

  • Yes
  • No we have enough velociraptors

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I think we should have also a rex gen 3 if you seen the dominion preview you know there is a featherd rex

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I don’t want more gen 3 creatures, I prefer anything but that, it’s unnecessary


Or, crazy idea I know but, how about new species :man_shrugging:t3:

As much as I’d love the sorna Raptors, I’d prefer new species, as for rex… maybe the rexy and that’s it


If we’re going to get Gen 3’s, I’d actually prefer that they’re hybrids like in the old Chaos Effect toyline.

Say: Tyrannosaurus + Albertosaurus = Tyrannosaurus Gen 3; for example.

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Would be nice.

We even dont got a real j.p. game, so this is like pur only our obly change to it

I say the next update should all be gen 3 creatures including Spino, Tricera, Irra, Allo, Compys, Haast, Erikla and Purussaurus

Hey what if rexy and blue could make indominus rex gen 3

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maybe? just maybe Rexy? :eyes: :sweat_smile:


in a house lol

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