Velociraptor Gen 2 Question

Is the Velociraptor Gen 2 tourney still going on,@Sionsith?

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The Gen2 Velociraptor event was a non-unlock event last week. The award was the Gen2 Velociraptor in a pack.


Thanks @Potato

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For interested parties, I had a sighting of what she looks like in her final evolution:

Hoskins would be proud. She’s ready for sandy/rocky camouflage military operations.


Gotta give this too the Gen 2 Dino’s, they look pretty cool. I’m liking the darker coloration’s, it’ll be interesting to see how Indom 2 turns out if he does become a thing like we are all expecting.

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Me too. I think the indominus already looks super cool as it’s current final form. I’d be really interested in seeing how it turns out

Poor raptor’s dead.