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Velociraptor gen2

Is it normal that we are able to participate in the event for the gen2 velociraptor a second time? Or is this bugged?

Don’t think about this…get it!!
I did.
And, welcome to our forum.


Same here… just wanted u guys to know and get it as well;-)

Thank you… been playing it for a while now, and really enjoying it… so time to mingle in the forum… :slight_smile:


That’s what I get for sleeping in this morning. This error was corrected before I started playing. Congratulations to those who grabbed a second one

It’s gone for you?
I feel sorry for you.:tired_face:

It wasn’t there for long… after I cleared it, I told my son (ipad), but it wasn’t available for him either… I’m on android if that makes any difference…

Still bugged here and I just got mine. :grin:


Mine wasn’t there this morning but it was available about 30 minutes ago for a second time and I cleared it right away.

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I was lucky then. :slight_smile:


It was on my other account earlier and I had no time to do it as had to walk dog etc. Just went to do it and it’s gone. (Lesson learned).


Definitely got my second one in the hatchery. I have already hatched the first one and was hopeful for a third one Saturday but looks like that want happen

I only got one velociraptor gen 2 but once I left with a T. rex level 20 and a T. rex level 10 and came back with three level 20s and two level 10s, so YAY?

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I think there should now be an Indominus rex gen 2 from the T. rex gen 2 and the velociraptor gen 2 guys. What do you think?

If it is just a reincarnation of Indominus Rex, like the other two 2nd generations, I don’t care.


Especially if a gen 2 indominus is akin to the other gen 2’s. More health and less attack… we already have a couple other hybrids in that category.


It does seem likely that that’s where Ludia is going with this. But as the other players have said, it’s a big Meh as far as something I would care about having.

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