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Velociraptor Is Easy To Beat, Here's How


Saw so many posts about the V-Raptor being too OP. It’s a TINY bit too OP but it’s almost just the right amount of OP. There needs to be a common dino that is so powerful because free to players should be able to compete with pay to win players. It’s good balancing imo you just need to catch V-Raptor every time you see it and hope for it in battle incubators.

Here are a few easy ways to beat it:

Stegosaurus or Wuerhosaurus --> Thagomizer followed by any attack will kill any raptor. This is probably the easiest method and it stops me all the time.

Nodopatosaurus --> Slowing Impact followed by Armor Piercing Impact. You should have this dino if you played the events last week.

Ankylosaurus --> Just ride it out it’s gonna suck but you can beat him if you use invincibility on the Pounce (impossible during the first exchange but works later in the match)

T-Rex --> You can only use T-Rex if you can get one hit in. If Rexy gets hit by Pounce and the Raptor is strong enough you may not even be able to one shot it so I’d avoid Rex but it can be done. NEVER swap in Rex vs Raptor you will lose to any raptor.

Sinoceratops --> This is a long strategy but works amazing. You can’t swap in and use this strategy the V-Raptor will kill your dino. However if you’ve already got the Sinoceratops in battle and you have Instant Charge move try saving it for Raptors instead of using it. If you get a kill and they swap in raptor and you already have the Instant Charge ready then the raptor will have a hard time killing your dino. I use this all the time you just have to not use your instant charge move unless you really need it.

Velociraptor - Best way to stop a raptor is with a stronger raptor. Get out there and find that V-Raptor DNA so you can get the jump on other raptors. The best way to get out of lower leagues is by leveling up your Velociraptor. There are some cases where you and the other raptor seems to have the same speed and from what I understand whoever selects a move first will win.

VelosoRaptor is op

Or you know, make it so you dont have to fill your team with those just to counter ONE common dino. If they have all raptor / speed dinos than its GG.

Its not like coins are raining down on you to totally change your team from beta.


Great tips - a lot of people don’t seem to know these.


These are great tips, except for the wiser players who will swap out their Raptor for a tank, then sub the raptor back in. That’s why any nerf/counter to a raptor has to include a way of getting around the damage debuff. For example:

Raptor Pounces Stego, takes a huge chunk of life.
Stego uses Thagomizer. With damage reduced. It’s not enough to kill the raptor.
Raptor Player switches to Einasuchas, Sinoceratops, or other tank. Finishes off Stego in 1-2 turns.
Opponent chooses next dinosaur.
Tank gets one more good hit in, then usually dies.
Raptor comes back in, finishes off opponent’s dinosaur.
Rinse and repeat.

That’s the real problem.


They need to have a one turn delay on pounce


Agreed. I love to do that with my own raptor and I almost always win. Maybe the only nerf the raptor needs is that using Pounce adds a debuff that prevents switching. Wouldn’t break the raptor but it would prevent this nasty situation…


Or stop cool downs and debuffs clearing while dino is switched out.


Not a bad idea either, but if they did this, it would have to affect all dinosaurs, not just raptor, and switching is a part of the strategy of this game that would suffer dearly from this. Whereas if you only prevent raptor from being switched once she uses Pounce, at least you can prepare a strategy against her without that constant switching that breaks the match.


A velociraptor one shot my Rex, once it was dead a Utahraptor took down my einiasuchus in two hits with out me getting a chance to hit them and they won. Should at least be a rule for just ONE raptor per team.


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Sorry but I don’t believe you o just watched my lvl 9 steg wiped out in one blow by a lvl3 v rapter doing 3500 damage in one shot they are open and alow the plyer too many turns because of its speed no player should be alowed to attack 4 turns in a row these are fixes that need to be addressed not sugar coated


That sounds like the raptor critted. That can be annoying but it happens. If its any consolation, it rarely does happen, but when it does, that’s the way it should work because that’s the point of a Crit. With a normal hit, your stego should have taken out the raptor


True, but benching currently reduces cool down timers without negative effects (eg bleeding) continuing to damage and dinos starting on the bench don’t have delays reduced by sitting there.

That benching appears to cleanse surely reduces the value of cleanse ability - both cleanse and swapping gives opponents a free hit, the difference is which dino takes the hit.

True cleanse abilities do add some health but not much compared to the damage from most attacks.


Your post only proves the velociraptor is over powered by needing all those dino’s in case it shows up.


This is true for the most part, but I think benching is an interesting strategy in combat that shouldn’t be changed. Of course you shouldn’t abuse of cleansing abilities, as you are mostly giving free hits to your opponent and people seem to not realize this and abuse them. They mostly lose :stuck_out_tongue: but, they do have situational use. I’ve won several matches thanks to using regenerating pulse with my einiasuchus just in the right moment. Also some dinosaurs like majungasuchus can cleanse while attacking. So I don’t really agree that the cleansing doesn’t have value.

At any rate, swapping a velocirraptor really breaks the game. The usefulness of a raptor is her first hit. If you keep switching dinosaurs after that, even if it means sacrificing some of them, only to bring the raptor for more pounces and then keeping her safe on the bench, it gets reaaaally annoying and matches aren’t fun at all. I’ve done this myself a lot, because I want to win, but winning that way isn’t fun either. If you prevent raptor from being swapped once she uses pounce, I think that would reduce the problem, without breaking swapping mechanic for the rest of the dinosaurs.


What about Pounce causing a “pinning strike” effect on the raptor itself. If you use the glass canon move, you’ll be stuck in battle for one turn. This keeps the raptor powerful but makes it so, as Brent_A_Harris said, a raptor cannot switch from a counter after pouncing and repeat its entire cycle once your counter is dead. If you pull multiple raptor counters in your team, you will most likely struggle to take down the rest of their team. I believe that brings us to the point where you shouldn’t need an entire team to counter one dinosaur. Thoughts?


This is exactly what I was trying to say. Though it should be more than 1 turn, maybe 2 turns, and it would fix a lot of problems. My opponent has a raptor? Annoying, but I bring up a counter, take some major hits but deal with it. But if the raptor switchs, I lose my counter and she comes back to destroy me, it’s unbearable. This would fix that.


Real simple here folks. Velociraptor vs rex, both the same level, velociraptor wins. Raptor is a COMMON and they’re selling the rex for $50.

Now tell me what kind of balance that is.


I agree that Rex should win that fight. Though I think that all T-Rex-like dinosaurs need a bit of a buff, probably more health, which would solve this problem as Rex would survive Raptor’s second hit and finish her off. However, the comparison you just made is not fair, as you can’t really compare two very different types of dinosaurs and say that whichever wins, is better. That’s like saying a Stegosaurus (common) is better than a Pyroraptor (epic) because with Thagomizer she can take the raptor down. That’s just the role of the Stegosaurus, doesn’t mean it’s better than the Pyroraptor in general.


It is wrong to compare a $50 epic to a freebie common? Nothing about that seems wrong to you?


Yes it is wrong because they are completely different types of dinosaurs. If you compared to, say, the allosaurus, and allosaurus had better stats, then that would definitely need rebalancing. But I insist on my last example: If they put pyroraptor on sale for $50 and she lost against a stegosaurus, which she would, it’d be the same case, yet nobody complains about the stegosaurus.

Again, I insist that I agree Rex should be buffed to be able to stand up to the velociraptor, but I still think that the argument you are using to prove velociraptor is OP is not valid.

Also, no damn dinosaur should cost $50, period, so maybe that is the problem.