Velociraptor is too powerful in battle


Please nerf the velociraptor a bit. If the other team has one you most likely won’t win. Thank you.

Raptors seriousY WTF

Its a glasscannon really. Anyone with immunity (negates negative effects), slowing impact or (armor) / health can take care of any velociraptor.

The stego can, for example, nearly one-shot a raptor with its slowing impact and still survive to live an other day. The stegoceratops (hybrid) is probably your best one to follow up with stuns once the raptor is dead. Loads of dinosaurs can one-shot a raptor really; just try to debuff it to force a swap or one-shot it back to where it came from.

Sure it’ll be a challenge but those will handle the raptor eventually. Even an euoplo can due to its health & armor. The biggest problem here is that most effective raptor counters are probably rare+ and require levels; so it wont be easy but you’ll get there eventually.


I had a level 6 stego and I was up against a level 2 velociraptor and it used pounce I used thagomizer (I think that’s what its called) and it was still alive and it attacked again and I defeated it but a level 2 raptor had my level 6 stego almost dead


Stego is a good counter against the raptor; unfortunately commons aren’t very versatile which causes you to have close battles. Once you have more rares+ you can use more dinosaurs or even a raptor which outlevels the enemy of your own. Just bring good counters; almost all decks will have raptors in it!


People are stupid ( dont read other forums, dont investigateabout other dinos moves) and dont know that there is 3+ counters for velociraptor.


List of rator counters:

Nodopatosaurus & Giga

And debuff dinos


All I’m saying is that my opinion is that they should nerf it just a little and I’m not saying I’m a pro at this game cause I’m not I’m only level 4


Thank you very helpful.


It’s funny that you ask for a nerf, because they actually just buffed it. Pounce used to be damage only.

Velociraptor is definitely a must on any team, until you start getting level 15+ hybrids. I don’t see her too often on opponents teams anymore, but I like to keep her around as my ace in the hole. Sometimes a match comes down to one last move, and having top speed is key.


How is it a level 11 raptor takes out a level 17 indominus Rex in 1 move.
You can’t be serious !!!

The inbalance in the arena is starting to get beyond frustrating .


I won multiple times in arena 7 where my velociraptor kills the entire team by itself.

it is very strong, and in arena 7 its only CPU teams that never use the counter dinosaurs. Pounce could be changed to have a 2 turn cool down and it would make it less ridiculous.


Its because the velo is exactly good at that; taking out squishy yet very powerful therapods. Switch to a counter; not your indominus! Or if you’re lucky; cloak. Use countersssssss. Multiple ones being listed in this thread! Good luck!


If you play smart, you won’t have a problem against raptors. I’m level 7 (and recently reached the third arena), but have been destroying raptors almost every battle since I started this game last week. Stego has been my MVP since the beginning, since everyone tends to use raptors. Use your high HP dinos or tanks. Plan out your moves and the moves of the next dino you’re going to use.


Wait until you match up against an Erlikosaurus (Epic), then you’ll be livid. It’s Raptor’s better version in my opinion. His first move makes him faster, plus he already has more HP and higher damage.


except the velociraptor is faster. erlikosaurus will never kill it. pounce it first turn doing 2x damage. erlikosaurus does 50% damage which won’t kill the raptor. then strike and erlikosaurus is dead. then you can pounce on the next dinosaurs too.


It actually can but fails to tank in early levels. Its basic attack increases its speed; so it can still strike faster than a raptor… But not tank it, rip erliko.


Its all very well saying there are plenty of counters, but last 3 battles I’ve had velociraptor then utahraptor against me. Now I could go in with all armour and win, or just use raptors myself, but I’d like occasionally to use some of the other Dinos. Raptors just massively restrict what youre ever likely to play.


i mean i guess it can, depending on the levels. i have a level 20 velociraptor which will pounce and kill anything with 2240 health or less. erlikosaurus speed increase isn’t an act first ability, so the raptor will get the first attack.


Raptor goals! Mine’s at lv. 15.

My Erlik is still lv. 11, but can dish out a ~2280 critical hit often. It’s lovely.


Would be perfect having to wait two turns instead of one for it to use strike again.