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Velociraptor lower level with false speed indicator?

Sometimes when both me and an opponent enter a match with a velociraptor and my opponent’s is of a higher level than mine, the indicator still says I can go first. I tried, twice (at different times) by hitting the pounce as quick as possible but it didn’t let me go first. Which I think is correct as the other is stronger and I think it was a rule that the stronger of the same dino goes first? So, is the speed indicator incorrect in these cases?

It’s a bug since 1.4 was released. You’d think it would be an easy bug to fix. But it shouldn’t cause too much confusion when it comes to same dino different level.

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Tnx. At least I know I am not imagining things LOL. Perhaps they want to fix several things in one single update? Not sure if ppl like the game being thrown offline for every little bug they still need to fix since 1.4 :wink:

Well they released 1.4.23 this week and doesn’t seem to mention fixes for that, so if they had planned to fix it then it would have made sense to fix with that patch.

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Tnx for mentioning, I only updated it now. Totally missed it :speak_no_evil::grin:

Hey DinoHuntress2018, we understand that the speed indicator is an important factor in battle. Our team is aware of the issue with the indicator, and they’re still looking into it. Once there is more information, we’ll be sure to give an update to everyone. So make sure to keep checking back on our forums and other social media channels for the most up to date news.

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