Velociraptor nerf/ counter discussion


Before I start I want to say I’d like a discussion that’s negativity free. I share my opinion, you share yours, nice words are exchange. Ok. So I know Vraptor has been nerfed already, all raptors damage has been reduced. I still got problems. I’m in lockdown, so lvl 17-20 Vraptors are still a problem. Everyone I fight has at least 1 raptor, if not 3. And nearly everytime they switch out the raptor to use it again. I honestly think that raptor needs a new nerf. Not another, but a new nerf. I think their stats should be back to normal, but pounce should lock them in for 1 turn or 2 turns (Probably 1 since 2 would make pounce too risky, or maybe raptors should be more high risk high reward). So raptors would have better attack, but their pounce would not allow them to just leave when a strong dinosaur comes in, or any raptor counter. Anyone got recommendations on counters I should add in the mean time? I have stegoceratops and girafatitan, but i swear I’ll spend hours battle and never see girafatitan, and pick up stegoceratops once or twice only.


You should save your Raptor counter to third Dino (like Stegoceratops) that’s how you can win Raptor swappers!


I had a match against someone with the full raptor squad somehow. Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie
Didn’t turn out well for them lol
Ouranosaurus crushes raptors, I’d consider him as well as Suchotator. Suchotator at appropriate level can handle multiple raptors alone.
Otherwise as far as strategy just have anticipation of when the raptor is going to be swapped back in. An uncommon but effective strategy is having Deinocheirus/Erliko already sped up the round before for a OHK with rampage when they come back
Just be wary of how many raptor counters you add to your team because a lot of them are easy Rex bait!


I was around rank 3,500 when the nerfs happened and I’m now above rank 4000 for context.

From my experiences I’ve seen little to no use of raptors at my rank. Most people have full squads of epic and legendary Dino’s which all cope very well against raptors.
My initial thoughts were that raptors would go from “great in 70% of scenarios” to a legitimate glass cannon great for bursting and finishing off Dino’s. Unfortunately due to the buff of many non raptor Dino’s it’s severely crippled raptors even in ideal situations. I say unfortunate as I believe in variety in top tier Dino’s.

This is an assumption on my part about your situation.
VRaptor is a common and therefore it’s easy to farm his DNA, this in addition to previously being top tier led to the situation of “everyone having high leveled ones”. At your current rank most people perhaps even yourself lack high leveled epics and legendary Dino’s that easily counter raptors.

My solution is to add more usable commons and rares that counter VRaptor for lower level players.
Another change I’d like is to increase the damage of raptors because they’re currently very weak in the meta.
If not maybe a nerf of all tanks which currently litter everyone’s squad.

I’m really not sure what Dino’s you have available but most things with slow matchup well with raptors.
Go though your Dino’s and imagine a face off in your head against the raptors. Example with Stegosaurus.
Turn one: Raptor pounces, Stegosaurus cleanses and slows.
Turn two: Stegosaurus goes first and finishes off raptor. Stegosaurs left with half health and one Dino advantage.


Work on velocity reduction options, so the raptor hits you hard but then you have two hits in a row. Stegosaurus here might help, and Euplocephalus as well.

But indeed, when I was playing at Lockdown I had a few moments where it just felt “who has the fastest v-raptor wins”. I imagine that, despite the nerf, this problem could be more relevant after the latest dino-weeks with 48 attempts at getting v-raptors and charlie / delta / blue.

Be patient my friend, the game then repays you a lot (I’m playing Sorna marshes as of now, and I’m really having fun, so, it was 100% worth the pain)


Allo counters raptors just through its health pool. You can just do 2 basic attacks or basic, big incase they swap


What’s a better counter, armargocephalus or nodopatosaurus?


Is a lvl 11 erlikosaurus gen 2 good enough?


11+ should be fine, Erliko G2 is honestly the better gen so it should help.
Nodopato is the better counter because it has short defense and decelerating impact plus armor piercing impact for whatever they bring in next since people usually answer tank for tank


Nodo: you can block the raptor with your first attack option, and kill him down on the second attack


Wuerhosaurus is a amazing counter. More life and attack than a regular stego. Instant cripple, Superiority Strike, Superiority Strike. You can easily take down two raptor with it or more if your lucky.


I agree. Debilitating distraction outweighs the lowered stats


Definitely the nodopatosaurus he has the lock in attack, shield, and a slowing impact all 3 make using a raptor extremely difficult not to mention its counter attack


Raptors are fine what is not fine is the -50% atack on is pounce its dumb a move with 2x damage have so much % debuff get ride of it and they will be fine
Right now they can pounce, survive 1 hit thanks to debuff then swap for another pounce later wich is not fun at all


Literally just about everything counters raptor.


Did anyone notice that epic raptors such as Blue and Pyro are not as fast as a common Raptor?
My blue is at 11 at the moment with 131 as her speed but my Velociraptor is 132. Little bit unfair considering these are epic raptors.


so many dinos have slows and are tanky that raptors really shouldn’t be a problem, i rarely see them anymore since they are easily countered


I get the feeling all the Raptor mixes are bigger than Raptors so they lose some of the speed with the size. They should be faster than the slower of the two mixes, but not as fast as the fastest of the mixes?


Its more of since its an epic dino it should be faster than a common one since its 2 tiers above. But i understand what you’re saying.


Making the pounce lock the raptor down would make the raptor unusable unless they doubled its health. Why would anyone use a dino that does a negative effect on itself? I have a level 25 raptor and it’s tricky to use these days. Most rounds, it doesn’t even get used. Get yourself some tanks and the raptors will stop being a threat. Anyone who has a team of multiple raptors won’t get very high in the ranks. They don’t have enough health for long battles.