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Velociraptor on holidays

Has anyone seen velociraptor on the last couple days ?
Normally i see 4 or 5 in the map in evenings and in the last 2 days haven’t seen any
Today I only see tanylacrodeus
With this dinos taking over the spawns everyday is more difficult.
Went hunting and everywhere is always the same dinos spawning and almost none of the others
Is this happening to you guys as well

Same here!! 75% of the dinosaurs I’ve seen today were Tanys. the rest were Jr Rats and Jr Stygis.

I’ve seen a few, Tany are everywhere for me as well. Which is fine. I have a lvl 25 that needs 30000 DNA to lvl up.

Only got it once, yesterday evening using a large scent capsule…

Tany was Thursday Dino. Today you should be seeing a load of othera. I did see raptors at night they’re still there. Caught a number of them.