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Velociraptor only spawns at night and very early morning now?


did ludia change when that little weasel spawns in now? i figured it was only temporary because we just had an event where five unique dinos were offered up, but im starting to feel that velociraptor only spawns at night and really early mornings.

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Been like that for a while now…


No, I’ve seen a few on the noon today

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Nest spawns


where are you based at? because where i live, they only spawn anywhere from 10pm to 6 am


Lima, Peru; in L2


are the dino spawns different for each region in the world? because in southern LA, ive havent seen a velociraptor spawn in the day time since last weeks event ended.

if its a temporary thing, then i wont worry about it. im just trying to see if anyone else has noticed the same thing recently


Just a single raptor during the day? That’s always possible, I have seen one during the day as well. But they normally spawn at night no matter where in the world you are.


oh okay, i didnt know that lol


night/dawn/dusk for a while.

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If I am correct, Velociraptor can be found at nests near transit stations. Normally they spawn at night.

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I see a few during the day bus stops I think.


No im Zone 4 and the time is 11.00am just caught one.


I live in a city with loads of bus stops and I see velos all day and night. I also get a fair amount of epic Erlikos even though I’m not in that local for the same reason. The time of day/local is irrelevant if you’re near a nest.


It’s 10:30 am day and v. Rap at a nearby bus stop.Hope it’s got its Oyster Card.


I see them throughout the day every day.