Velociraptor OP


During my playthrough I have encountered a lot of people using the velciraptor and just 3-0 me and I think there could be some general changes. I think the velociraptor’s
move pounce and his health should be tweaked. Pounce should be a move to dish out high damage (which it is don’t get me wrong) but have like a 2 move cooldown so the enemy has time to retaliate and have a fighting chance, but they can’t because that moves brings down your damge so you can’t damage them and then they get you low enough where they can kill you. I know you high level players probably don’t have to deal with it but in Badlands it is just disgusting how many people use it, and that health is a much lighter topic but if you have a character that can dish out a lot of damage the health should be low, or pounce could always leave the opponent with one Health remaining. I think could live with that


Here’s some suggestion:

1.Power up your Stegosaurus, it’s first V-raptor counter every could get. Also Stegosaurus is the material of 2 more powerful V-raptor counter. (Stegoceratpos & Stegodeus)

2.Other better Stegosauridae species (ex: Wuerhosaurus, Kentrosaurus) also able to counter V-raptor.

3.Simplest way, power up your own V-raptor until higher level than all your opponent’s raptors.


I wouldn’t say velociraptors are op. Velociraptors can easily be defeated if they don’t have their speed. My level 19 veloci can easily be destroyed if I don’t use it right. One slowing impact from a stegoceratops can give any raptor a hard time :joy:


Well, if you look at the 5000 Trophy guys, you won’t see many V-Raptors in their Teams.


I do that but immediately after they switch


Sure, a slowed down Raptor should be switched out. xD


Adding an extra CD to pounce would make sense, but I don’t want them changing it. My bf and I have had fun doing many late raptor hunts due to the spawn times.
I hope they dont make the work we did be for nothing. People need to get and level their own raptors and learn to fend them off like the rest of us.


But raptor health is already very low - if a dinosaur can survive pounce it can often take the raptor out in one hit.


You don’t have to worry about me… I leveled my Raptor up to 17 2 days ago. I was stoked! But I noticed I now hardly get my Raptor anymore. When it was level 16 I was able to fight with it once every 6 or 7 battles. But now it’s a level 17 I get him once in 9 battles… While my opponents are very strong and I need to fight Raptors a lot… It pisses me off!


I run a 3-raptor attack in my starting 8 and still lose plenty. I blame my tactics, not the other guy playing.

Work your strategy.