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Velociraptor/ Phorusracos

Hey guys,
i’m new to the forum. I’m playing the game for a few months now, but i mostly play from one place, so i use a lot of capsules and stuff. Since a few days though, there isn’t any velociraptor spawning, instead phorusrhacos spawns in my region, also in the common capsule. Is that a temporally thing and am i the only one? I might have to stop playing because without spawning velociraptor it’s no fun.

Hello there!

There is currently a Hybrid Pursuit event in which a component of a hybrid either spawns wild or spawns more in the wild for around a week. Since Phoru is an arena incubator exclusive and this week it is featured in the Hybrid Pursuit, it will spawn in the wild! Velociraptor should still be spawning however. I would highly recommend downloading the Jurassic World Alive field guide app if you have not already as it tells you where certain creatures spawn. Hope this helps!


Velociraptor is evening, night spawn mostly.

Phorusrhacos is an incubator exclusive, meaning it usually does not spawn in the wild. It has a Legendary hybrid but still could get a Unique hybrid in the future. And the Legendary is a very useful creature for many strike towers. Take advantage and stock up while they are available, they could be very useful to you in the future.

Love all dinos all the time lol ylsy

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