Velociraptor pounce


Just had a battle where I went up against a velociraptor (no biggie) but it got off 3 pounce attacks in a row. I thought that had a cool down? I didn’t get hardly any attacks in! Is that normal?


There should be a delay of at least 1 turn for every “pounce” move.
This was either a glitch, or maybe the raptor was a few levels higher than your Dino’s.
I know I’ve had a few battles where my raptors other attack has been able to single hit kill other Dino’s. I have gotten 3 hit wins a few times.


Yeah, I’ve done a 3-kill battle with my raptor too, but never got to use pounce 3 times in a row. I’m not really complaining, just curious if it was a glitch or if one of the “pack” has a pounce with no cool down. :slight_smile: