Velociraptor question


First time poster, reader from beginning.

So here’s my question-
Why is it when using my Velociraptor I ALWAYS go first, even when facing the same velociraptor or the other raptor with the 129 speed? My Raptor 128!
I’m not complaining, believe me! Lol! I’m just curious.



If you mean Velociraptor like you wrote, it got 132 Speed and will outspeed everything else. V-Raptor vs V-Raptor sometimes happen, the higher LV one will go first or the person clicking faster at same LV.


Lol, i found a trick to that, v-raptor is no longer fastest dino out there if you use a little bit of tactics :grin::grin:


Velociraptor is one of the fastest and strongest dinos in the game. It can outspeed most dinos even at a low lvl, unless it is V-raptor vs V-raptor. Now, if it is two raptors against each other that are the same lvl, and one outspeeds the other, that comes down to the fastest clicker/tapper. If you’re quicker to enter a command, you will go first. This is the same for any dino against the same one of the same level. Just be careful using it; I would advise against having it as a starter in battle as it can be taken out with relative ease. Yes, it’s broken, but it’s never a good idea to use your strongest right away; you lose it, you’re done. I know, I’ve fought against a ton of people who use their raptors first.


Well… i will probably regres that long terms , but Elrikosaurus gen 2 is faster than Velociraptor if used well :wink:


Well then…Elrikosaurus along with its gen2 could simply using speed up attack to become faster than V-raptor.
But It needs to spend 1 turn, that means you may pounced down by V-raptor first.


Thanks so much ya’ll! That helped alot! I always start with my V-rap, almost always first hit kill. Quick first round win. Then something high armor and high crit, so even if they bring in their raptor I have a good chance of killing it.



I keep disagreeing with this. Even though I no longer start with raptor because I’m a bit underleveled for my arena, I still think it’s an useful opener. You open with raptor, you pounce and make a lot of harm, and if your opponent is a raptor counter or poses a danger of any kind, you switch after the pounce to a lesser important dinosaur and just bring raptor back after that, free of cooldowns and debuffs, ready to keep pouncing. My point is that you don’t lose her too soon even if you open with her. But it does have its disadvantages too.


Yeah, meet them frequently and they never tank a Pounce. lol


Eh, we all have different play styles. Some can pull off things others can’t. I’ve played so many games over the years, that I’ve had to use different strategies for and figure out what worked best. This became one if those cases where I’d rather save my best for when I really need it (and in some cases, I’ve won without using my aces); that way if something goes south, I still have something to use. I see the V-raptor as such a glass canon that I’d rather save her for something else. If people can smartly pull of opening with a raptor, go for it. I’ve come across too many that do it poorly (or they just wanna sweep) which is why I say not to use her for a starter. If you have the supportive team for it, great, if not, try something different.


Yeah, I usually use something tanky or T-Rex to start with and keep my V-Raptor save. Well, I usually have multiple Raptors anyway.


I try to stick with something bulky: Aregentinosaurus, Stegosaurus, maybe Euo or Einiasuchas (bad draws). I try to keep my Rex and raptor until I need them.


It’s really okay to throw in a Raptor because I usually have multiple Raptors. XD

Road to 3k with Raptor power! :dragon:


Well, raptors were hunting in packs so thats understandable :grin:

P.S. Blue is a joke, not only it seems like creators didn’t bother to name it in Latin (Notatetosaurus would do), it’s basically Velociraptor with a shield :thinking::shushing_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Name her in Latin??? She IS a velociraptor but she has an actual name, not a species name. What’s wrong with that?


The game, i am hunting dinosaurs not Pokemon’s.
And how do you know it’s she?? Why do you even care for the gender of a virtual dinosaur?? Lol :joy:


Uhm, well, because this is the game of the movie Jurassic World, and Blue is an actual character of the movie. She is female, all dinosaurs are female for that matter. My point is that the species name is ‘velociraptor’, Blue is just her actual name in the movie. Have you even seen it? Lol


Okay, you got a point, because no, I didn’t see the movie yet, and I didn’t knew they were “characters”, they were not in the old movies.
If so, then that’s acceptable exception, besides after I found Charlie and Delta I got the point, they are simply varies of V-raptor same like Gorgo, Maju, Allo are for T-Rex. Makes sense and at the end of day they are not as op as I thought they might be, they are quite well balanced.

Complaint withdrawn :sweat_smile: