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Velociraptor S-DNA Tournament 6/19/2020 - 6/22/2020

I’m assuming that we are getting this tournament now because Indoraptor Gen 2 will be out soon and will probably use the same S-DNA as our favourite boy.
You get 1200 Raptor DNA, definitely worth doing, 100%
However the raptor on the artwork appears to be Echo so i’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. Maybe it’s because you need Echo DNA to make Indom Gen 2 in JWA? Who knows


Almost exactly one year ago we had a Velociraptor s-DNA bracketed tournament.

Here are the breakdowns for that tournament. I would expect something similar this go round.

There is a difference in reward based on level


Last year’s tournament was 3 days, 5 hours and required 1354 trophies


I think, there is not reason to solving, how velociraptor on pic look, if you take look for yours SDNA, you can see, the raptor is the same.

Is this tournament worth it? What do you think? I have 15 000+ SDNA of raptor for now

it should only not be worth it if you hack the game

No hacked game, I play since 1. 11. 2019 and my current amount is from playing all events everyday those 7 months. It can looks i have to many SDNA, Becouse i still do not use that sdna - no indomimus on level 40 yet. But i am looking forward some hackers sure show how indoraptor 2 looks on level 40 :smiley:


It could have been blue(Blue,and the Raptor squad are creatures in JWA,Echo is needed for Indom G2 and Blue is for Indoraptor Gen 2)

Players who aren’t ready for the Indo Raptor question if a tournament for SDNA they won’t use for a long time is worth it.

I’m a newer player. I’m likely a year from making them.

I figure I win about 75% of the time in DOM (likely lower, but a nice round number) and get 40 trophies per match.

40trophiesx35matches=1400 trophies

35matches*75% = 47 matches played

47matches * 5DB = 235DB for 1200SDNA

If you played PvP modded, you would need 24 wins to get the same amount of SDNA.

So, the value (for me) is a little better than PvP modded (assuming I win all SDNA of 50)

I’ll complain… but who am I kidding? I’ll still fight for my spot in Dominator. (Especially since I can get it done by Saturday night now.)


you’re getting half an indoraptor for free just by spending some bucks and your own time, of course its worth it


I’m not saying it isn’t worth it, I am saying a new unlock to me would be much more valuable where I am at in the game.


I agree, I’m nowhere close to making an Indo. However, I am kind of glad because this is kind of the break I was asking for. Sure I’ll still participate in the tournament, but I’m not going to stress about it if I don’t make it into Dominator this time.

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None of us get to choose what would be most valuable to us for tournaments. But if you can finish in Dominator with a relatively small expenditure of funds, then absolutely it’s worth it. Whether s-DNA is going to be the same for both Indoraptors, or they are going to add another and our daily missions swap back and forth between then, you’re going to get to the point where you are able to add Indoraptors and will want to be able to create as many as possible, and this is going to mean having to split between which ones to add. Don’t forget, they have a 1-day CD and from my experience, unless you are really conservative in waiting before creating them (which most players aren’t) some losses are inevitable until you pad out your bench with a bunch of them (modded events in particular which are often restricted by class have been problematic for me).

If you are a newer player and would have to put a lot of bucks into CDs, than that’s a different metric.


I have extremely conservative play. :slight_smile:

I’ve intentionally nerfed my line up to have a L40 T-Rex at the top. For 2 reasons: 1 cool downs, I can use most of my dinos 3 times a day AND 2: I get twice as many of them.

Evolving is a nasty pyramid of DNA consumption.

Before I switched to focusing on Aquatics, I was adding end game hybrids and leaving them at level 1 to fit in. I’ve skipped a couple of Super hybrids I can make now (for now), because it would raise my Ferocity too much.

It really is all a control thing. I feel that the longer cool downs will control when I play the game too much.

Once I’m happy with my Aquatic line up, I’ll move to Ceno.

After that, I think I will adjust my Jurassic bench’s cool down to line up with a 10hour window so I can play at 9pm and 7am.

One day, I’ll have all of the VIPs you have and they can fill in the hole for cool down control. But I figure that’ll be a year or so.


Worth it or not is probably more of a question for each individual and how and how much they play.

Me? I am non VIP, I have 1 lvl 20 I-rex currently, I plan on adding a lvl 20 G2 I-rex in the next week or so when i get enough DNA to purchase the 2nd. I have all the other Legendary hybrids anywhere between lvl 15 and 30 depending on ferocity to be somewhat balanced out with the lvl 20 I-rex. I am still missing several tournament dinos and only have a few at lvl 20 or 30, I have no tournament hybrids and or SDNA hybrids, in fact i don’t have a single lvl 40 hybrid, not even any of the commons or any rares.

I’m not even sure how much raptor DNA i have, maybe 10k, i don’t do any pvp and or the containments so my influx of SDNA is low.

With all that being said, at my current rate, i am forever away from even considering making an Indoraptor, who knows if i will even keep playing for that long. I’ll pass on the raptor DNA and look forward to an easy Pred league finish this weekend and hopefully get some things that are a little more useful for me.


I was struggling with enough DNA too.

I found that building up some common hybrids (or any dino that works for you) as a solid coin producer and than doing Coins->dino custom trade yielded either something helpful to hatch that I didn’t have to pay DNA for or trading it for DNA when a non-custom offer came up for it as dinos get much higher DNA offers than the apoto fossil.

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Yeah, been meaning to maybe do some more coin trades but i’m still mainly doing fossils for LP’s to get as many 10k packs as possible.

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fossils get about 300 LP each. At one a day, that would take about 33 days to get 10K LP.

If you got a dino (likely a legendary) for coins->dino and waited for a LP offer, you’ll likely get 600-1200LP for it (depending on what it is and how much DNA it cost). It might mess up some other trades and would require a mostly empty market.

But its an idea if you really want to up the VIP dino game.

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That’s a possibility, I’m also obviously getting LP’s from other sources throughout the week as well, I probably get a 10k LP pack once a week at least, not really keeping track but that’s about what it feels like.

I’m not hurting for VIP’s i don’t need them per say so no real rush i guess. I have at least 1 of each for most of the dino’s and some at lvl 20 except Prestosuchus and the VIP exclusive ones. I would like to get them all to at least level 20 and have at least 1 of each at lvl 10 as well.

I figure after i get my G2 I-rex to lvl 20, ill probably start working on some of the lower ferocity hybrids i kind of skipped over and get them to lvl 40 and maybe make a couple of the easier SDNA hybrids. But then again, i’d like to work on getting some more of my tournament dino’s to lvl 30. It’s a process