Velociraptor S-DNA Tournament 6/28/2019 - 7/1/2019

This thread will be to discuss the bracketed tournament happening this weekend.


Only two brackets this weekend instead of the normal three it seems:

Unless they are just not showing what a level 1-11 get to do if they can even participate?

Bracket one Dominator will be for the unlocking of the Velociraptor. Bracket two Dominator will be for a Velociraptor S-DNA Pack with the chance at 1,200 SDNA inside.

Good luck to everyone!!!


It’s amazing how little incentive i have to do this. The reward literally achieves nothing for me. Specially as a bracket tournament with strong opponents from the start.
Good luck to anyone who does want to give it a go.

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FYI, the tournament is now live.

For those who are interested, I screen shot my opening round matchup. I was victorious, but only received 20 trophies so adjust accordingly. In any event, now you know what you’ll face right off the bat.

Okay so my previous post was a little harsh, and almost as if the game was trying to make it up for me, it gave me full 40 trophies most of the time and the prize wheel was unsually nice to me (400 bucks!). I still prefer the Predator reward though.

I got nailed by that first round, and continued to get tough matches and some losses throughout so not able to make it above Predator. I have a lot going on this weekend so since I’m not even yet using S-DNA probably not going to try real hard to do better than that. And yeah the trophies seem the same based on your current league, 20 at the lowest, 40 at the highest. Will put those of us with much weaker lineups at even more of a disadvantage. Thanks a bunch Ludia.

My first round.
I really would appreciate if they could replace in dominator coins as reward against something that makes more sense. I would accept even 1 SDNA instead of coins.
This is not the right place, but it is the same, or to be exact even worse, with XP points in a Code 19.

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Looks like they updated the two brackets to be 12-29 and 30-75 for the levels now for the tournament. I am curious if level 11 and under are even allowed to participate?

Finally a tournament with SDNA rewards in the last league i always wish to get more SDNA now it is gonna be tough to stay in the league

Run through. Couldn’t get above 20 trophies until I got into Hunter. Once there, every victory except the last got 40 trophies

Wow your fast

So far I did not have a single server timeout in this tournament. Maybe it is too early but I wanted to mention something positive instead of complaining about Ludia all the time.

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I believe I was headed for one last night as the countdown was below five for my opponent. Before the count down got to zero I went and conceded the battle at 1 left on the timer. It let me do it and I got no server disconnect which leads me to believe with unfortunately no way to test the scenario at the same time but, if I can give up the match and continue to play the game this means I am connected to the server the entire time and at no point was I disconnected. If my “opponent” times out / which cause the match to forfeit and causes me to disconnect this is something I have no control over and should not count against me. @Ned this is the most concrete example I have to show that this is not a player side issue and is wholeheartedly on Ludia’s side. Like I said I can’t test the scenario at the same time but the next time my opponent does not react and the timer counts down to zero I will see if it disconnects me from the game. I will only test the theory while at home where I know my internet connection is solid and does not drop signal.


Interesting that this tournament seems to not have a lot of action. The matches have been quite hard for comparable levels but I’ve been able to win most and even jumped I to the bottom of Dominator a few times. Currently on the #1 spot in Predator and have completed all the other Jurassic events for today other than one more round of Herbivores. I have gotten one server disconnect that cost me a win.

I am consistently getting the disconnect between 20 and 25% of the time in PvP battles. I’m currently on the cusp between predator and hunter leagues, whereas I usually float on the cusp of predator and dominator. Makes sense, since I’m only playing about 75-80% of what I usually do (it’s actually less than that. I don’t exactly feel like logging back into my park for a long time after I get disconnected and lose dinosaurs for 16+ hours’ worth of cooldown for no good reason).

I’m sending a support ticket with a screenshot of the “Connection to Game Server Lost” message to support in-game every time it happens, so they’re probably pretty sick of me right now. It’s okay. I’m pretty sick of server disconnects. I may take a little holiday from the game and come back in a few weeks to see if the issue has been resolved.

Back to your regularly scheduled thread.


I’m so sorry that you constantly have this issues.


My result of today.
Not a single server timeout, the gods must be with me.


Today’s run. As with @Tommi, no timeouts.

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I’m getting steamrolled with server timeouts. Just got two in a row, wich means i’m two matches away from Dominator thanks to them. I don’t really care about this tournament’s reward, so it’s not a big deal to me, but i just wanted to say that the issue is there for me.

Bit surprised about the teams you end up against from the start normally you can use level 10-20 commons as a starting team to get on the leaderboard but this tournament you can’t as you end up against a team of legendary’s my guest account had to use its best dino’s and only just won to get on the Prey leaderboard tried a few fights before using my best dino’s

@Megalosaurus, this is because it’s a bracketed tournament. They are tougher at the beginning but my impression is that the opponents in dominator are slightly weaker as in normal tournaments.