Velociraptor spawns


Dear Ludia,

As as a person who works first shift (6am - 3pm), I don’t get to get out that often at night, so being able to farm a decent amount of Velociraptor DNA before I need to get some sleep is difficult. When spawns were significantly higher than they currently are, I could farm a few before going to bed, but I can no longer do that with the spawns being decreased and I’m lucky to snag one in my neighborhood before retiring for the night. Occasionally I can grab one in the morning as well, but the rest of my morning is spent on my commute and at work, so that’s usually out of the question.

I’d like to make a request: Please either increase the spawns of raptor to what was seen previously, or simply allow raptors to spawn all day with an increased spawn rate at night (preferred).


A guy just trying to farm enough raptor for indoraptor.


I see velociraptors all day long. Constantly. They’re almost as common during the day as stegosaurus. I actually hardly ever see them at night now.


You must be near some sort of nest. It’s known to spawn regularly near transit stations. Otherwise, velociraptor is a dusk/dawn/night-only global spawn.

Edit: I wish I lived/worked near you :slight_smile:


How odd. I see them literally everywhere in my area during the day, not just at my house (where I can get at least 6 a day). I have a 2 hour round trip commute to and from work and they’re all over the different districts as well.


Yup, very jealous! I only see them once the game switches over to dusk, and even then it’s become relatively rare.


I see them everywhere at all times… travelling around not necessarily next to anything that could be a nest :thinking:


I don’t see them too often in my neck of the woods either. Outside of the park events, I’ve seen probably 5 regular velociraptors since I’ve been playing. One of them was this morning just outside my house, I was excited to see that one. I don’t typically hunt dino’s at night.

Lots of stego’s and apatosaurus’.


I only see em at night too. This might help though. I’ve also heard a few people say they get em at their post office during the day


That is very helpful! I’ll remember to stop by my local post office and hang out a few minutes to see if something spawns… lol, THANKS!

I think I never see them at those locations because the firestation and post office are PokeStops! and a Gym that I always drop my pokemon off at to earn coins. I’ll try having this game open next time I pass.


Haha yeah It does sound kind of tedious to wait at a post office for a velociraptor though


Interesting. I wish I had your spawns.


That’s the list for before the update… this is the new one


I have the same commons in my area. Stegos and apatos.


This is probably better actually


Wait people are mailing dinosaurs :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy: always with the dad jokes