Velociraptor, T rex, and Spinosaurus sound?

I’ve been having some kind of a audio glitch in battle arenas. When my precious Velociraptor came into battle against a spinoraptor and killed it the Spinoraptor was dead but I can still hear a second Velociraptor animation sound. Same goes with my Alangasaurus when a Megalosaurus came in, my Alangasaurus died, and again I still hear it.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hello Indominus_Rexy! If restarting your game and device make no difference, please contact our team at so they can investigate.

Thank you!

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These glitches happen 60 percent of my battles too
Bit don’t worry I ignore the noises by turning down the volume


Ok thanks… Will do

I have this same problem.

When a dinosaur with the same animation as opposing team comes in, even after they are taken out you can still hear the double roars and it stays the same for the whole battle even when both creatures are not of the same type

Its more annoying when its a carnivore with Trex animation, Spino animation, Raptor animation or a Pterosaur with Rhampho animation

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