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Velociraptor, the fidget spinner of JWA


Or however you spell it…

I came to the forum to see when it’s being nerfed only to find it’s recently been buffed!!! Now, i get that it’s a staple in the franchise but seriously, that thing is a joke, I have no respect for any player that uses one.

My last match was pathetic, it took out two of mine before I even for a shot in! How can I counter when I can’t lay a finger on it? Not only that but the guy kept swapping it in and out and it kept lowering my attack, I stood no chance.

I can’t even get one of my own ‘cheat dinos’ as I’m rural and I get barely a tree hugging leaf eater appear let alone anything decent. At this rate I’ll be cancelling my VIP.

Tried using my utahraptor but that idea fell flat in it’s face as well.

If it doesn’t get addressed at least add a forfeit button so I can leave the match, I’d rather give my opponent the hollow victory they deserve instead and leave as soon as they play the machete weilding, over powered, undersized Usian Bolt of the dinosaur kingdom.


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