Velociraptor: Your choice

I meet quite a hand full of people who have a level 20 w/boosts V-raptor, even going higher to lvl 30. The question is, do you agree with this or do you think there are better ways? If not, then what are your replacements/counters to this classic little fella.

they do it for tourneys cuz you get lots of dna in the boosted ones

It’s an easy way to surprise enemies in tournaments, but they’re very easy to counter so they stop showing up pretty quickly once you climb ranks. Just get a Resilient that can tank the Pounce and slow the Raptor. What exactly that is will depend on the rarity, but there are a lot of options. Basically any resilient except hadrosaurs, snakes, and deer work well, and ankylosaurs, sauropods, turtles, and rhinos in particular do very well and can take down a boosted Raptor several levels higher than themselves.

It’s the ones that appear in the arena that either have me laughing or cursing , thankfully there rare to see.

Yeah especially with over 4000 damage on the pounce & you don’t have a swap in or resilient to hand in your team

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Yes though to keep it for your regular arena team is what I was what I really meant.

I leveled up my Sarcorixis to lvl 22 just to fight these monstrosities and now I enjoy bullying them.

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You know what you can’t bully, a level 30 boosted kelenken evil laugh

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