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Velociraptor’s true identity revealed!


So cute!! :heart_eyes:


So all Time Lords evolved from Raptors? I guess the theory is pretty sound…

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Well, guess my physics teacher for this year will be amazed by this merch

I think one of my chihuahuas is a descendant :rofl:

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Nah. Chihuahuas are descendants of Mexican sewer rats and an unidentified but hyperactive mutation. Their formula would be something on the order of Time/Food/Yapping ²* v (v = decibels above human pain threshold).

What other dog burrows under the blankets and bites you in the butt if you move an inch interrupting it’s slumber?

I was once playing Catchphrase, and the word I got was velociraptor. No one on my team was familiar with Jurassic Park (:man_facepalming:) and in an attempt to describe the word I said “A word for speed, that is distance over time…” they still had no idea. Idiots.


Not racist. I actually meant rats - little rodents. I don’t have a problem with anyone based on race.

I just can’t stand Chihuahuas. Honestly, they look like something that cross-bred with an alien life form, and when they go into their high-pitched yapping frenzy, they bounce themselves at least a foot off the ground. REAL dogs bark, they don’t yap. And they definitely don’t bounce themselves around a room like a 6 year old on a sugar high.

I meant like “you hate chihuahuas”, and for some reason the system censored the comment

Yeah. That’s what happens when racist idiots decide to overrun the world. Things get blocked, and you have to be more careful of how you word things.

I dislike chihuahuas

One person dogs, for one thing.