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Velociraptors vanished

I understand that the meta is changed and Velociraptor will not be playing as significant a role, but we still need the DNA for hybrids. I used to be tripping over them all night, every night since starting the game. Just took a two hour bike ride and did not see ONE. I covered a 10 mile area so I don’t believe it was a zone issue. Did anyone have the same experience tonight?

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yup, no raptors at all to be seen, but i did see lynxRex?

I saw some, but fewer than usual.

Nooo… I want Blue

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I saw plenty, maybe not as many as before the update but enough to get DNA for hybrids. I saw an increase in Echo and Charlie too. Still haven’t come across Blue in the wild EVER though.

Where are you located?

NJ USA, small town. Plenty of neighbors hoods to walk around in.

I only see around one or two raptors now, however I opened the game a couple nights ago and a wild Delta was standing outside my house.

Got 3 this morning. Stuff has changed.

Completely changed… bumped into about 10 in the am between 7am and 9am in uk

Good feedback. Interested to see what pops up tomorrow.

Not only vanished but turned useless! Lowered their power OK but just leave a overpowered powerhouse stegosaurus unchanged. Moronic!

Stegosaurus can easily be beat with high attack/high critical dino like T Rex, Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus, etc. Their low speed makes Thagomizer a non issue.

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Are we playing the same game? Have you seen the amount of Stun first hit moves that this thing has? T Rex sure can take him down . ONLY if Stegosaurus stun hit fails! ONLY!

I definetively see less velociraptors, but increasing spawning of Charlie, Delta and Echo in the wild.

I think Eini has been nerfed as well… :disappointed:

Here’s one at my house at ten in the morning

Had about 10 today so far… think they’re more available as they’re now abit more useless

Normally VRaptor spawns like mosquitoes in the evening - here at least. Today can’t see even one.

Loads of Dracorex Gen 2 and Allo

I’ve caught like 5 raptors today. And it’s 1 in the afternoon, so…? Very weird.