Game is still broken as long as people can hide behind a over powered Raptor, weaving other Dino’s.
The T-Rex incubators are now higher in the battle food chain making it near impossible for a non paying player to advance past a certain point, thanks to the Raptor mechanics.
Pure pay to win…frustrating…


Lol u really still hating the extremely nerfed raptor they are like bugs bouncing of the armour of the newly buffed tank dinos. Use nodopatasaur if you have it pretty sure it got a pinning strike that will wreck such a strategy


People can NOT hide behind a raptor any more. If you have been obliterated by a raptor, it means that you are doing something wrong. Consider updating your team, getting more tanks, and they will eat raptor for breakfast.


It is impossible to hide behind a raptor. They have to hide behind others.

The Incubators got shuffled. And I laughed at your suggestion that it is “near impossible” for a non-paying player to get to it in Sorna, as I myself look to intentionally reduce my rating down again from 3500 to whatever is more comfortable for me.

Raptor mechanics? You mean Pounce? The skill that they have, and the only skill that could let them survive a retaliation? The skill whose best feature beside the damage can now be ignored by more creatures and a little better since they got a small buff, and whose damage is reduced by every creature with armour, for which there are also now more?

Adapt. Think a little ahead of time. If someone swapped a raptor out, then keep it in the back of your mind that it’ll come out again and plan a step ahead. Or use more tanks. Or use better support; Ouranosaurus can tank a Pounce like a champ and respond in kind now. Stegosaurus is better than ever and is ridiculously plentiful. But stop with these “This specific dino is op/broken” kind of threads, they’re tedious and ridiculous.


What the h… Velociraptors are so f… useless atm :smiley: if u dont have lvl 30 raptor, dont even use it. ggs


I haven’t paid anything to Ludia for now, and I am in Sorna Marshes with about 3200 trophies. I just play often and keep always my battle incubators running every second.

Ah, and my v-raptor is still level 16.

So everything you need to do is change strategy, using tanks to fight v-raptors. If you want, you can send here screen of your dino collection in order to receive suggestions on what you can improve. :relaxed:


They aren’t useless. They’re amazing finishers at the right moment. People who used to spam them don’t know how to use them correctly now.


My Velociraptor was an opener from Arenas 1-4 when I was first learning the game. She was relegated to strategically being inserted mid- or end-match since then, and that strategy is even more prevalent now.

She’s not leaving my team anytime soon, nor should she :wink:


Well, more viable dinos out there still : )


Agreed 100%. I’ve been having more fun in battles. A few tanks need balancing though.


Me2 I stop using raptors when 3800+ people know how to deal with them, but yeah - battles are more fun atm. :slight_smile:


ive always hid them behind tanks, and now you kind of have to. and you can still cycle them as long as you don’t swap to one, but wait until your tank dies and then bring it in with pounce cooled down.


Im enjoying battles again as f2p sitting at 3400 trophies. Raptor aren’t an issue since my team has suchotator Nodopatosaurs Stegoceratops, just unlocked Stegodues! Oh and my raptor is 19 but I rarely use it.
I actually hope the opponent has a raptor when I get a good rng in my lineup!


I like the hadrosaurs getting buffed, so I agree with what you said about ourono, however the stegosaurus are a bit op now, and I think a raptor rebalance might be better than the initial nerf. The stegosaurus line should no longer have superiority, since they already slow, and raptors should be giving their original stats, maybe even a health buff, but in turn they have a 2 turn cool down on pounce. Velociraptor will be less dominant in higher arenas, and its cousins with multiple skills will still be very useful even with a longer cooldown pounce attack. Raptors will keep their niche as fast and furious attackers, but wont be as horrible to fight, killing a dinosaur and a half, and they wont have bodies made out of saran wrap.


Not gonna argue the point about Stegs; I think giving them Superiority Strike when they already had Thagomizer is overkill. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, the change has proven that in the face of a few buffs to the rest of the lineup Raptors didn’t need a whole lot of rebalancing to maintain the spot they were meant for: glass cannons. In that regard, I disagree completely with a health buff. I’m no longer sold on the notion of giving them an extra cooldown on Pounce because as the meta has changed so too have many of the tactics; adding an extra turn of cooldown will force nearly anyone who chooses to use them to swap them out now (whereas currently some people might keep them in and sacrifice them for the extra damage to an opponent, and removing the ability for a second Pounce one turn sooner all but forces it to be a switch-out dino).

What I would like to see is a new Hybrid in the next major change of hadrosaurs and support creatures. Currently we only really have predators, tanks, and predatanks. Why not mix Edmontosaurus with Tenontosaurus and get an extraordinarily potent and mobile super-kangaroo? Or an Ornithomimus mixed with an Iguanadon to give an evasive, healthier, immune stunner?

It is my personal opinion that no dinosaur should be moved to obsolesence. I’m happy to keep raptors entirely relevant - just not frustratingly plentiful.


Your claim actually does have a lot of merit. But I still have problems with pounce even if I use my ouronosaurus. He survives with less than half health since everyone has at least lvl 16 velocis. Maybe they should lower attack by 33%? That way other dinos have a chance so you that the new raptor duelist hadrosaurs arent necessary to prevent dino deaths to raptors. It’s not as big as 1 extra turn for cooldown, so it wont mess with the balanced raptors (Owen’s raptor pack). Also, do you think blue, an armored raptor that can have a shield, is balanced? I hear a lot of no’s on this so I wanted to gather more opinions. My thoughts are she’s balanced