Velocirapturds open for recruits! Top 10/10 alliance with 4 lvl 20 sancs💩🙌🏼

So you mean to tell me you’re a top 25 alliance, with multiple shared sanctuaries AND tier 9 in alliance championships?? Where do I sign up?


Are you guys related to AmberTurd?

Are we jumping ship?? You’re gonna have to do at least a 1000 in the skills tournament over with them you know? :joy:

Velocirapturds is on the hunt for a couple awesome players to join our turdy fam :poop: Ideally 5k+ trophies with 1k+ tourney scores but negotiable for the right player. We offer an amazing team of friendly and supportive international players with 10/10 missions, top 20ish/tier 9 AC rewards, 4 lvl 20 sancs, and help with all the raids. If you’re an active and tourney-driven battler interested in a new loving and chill home, please send me screenshots of your profile/team and tournament history for consideration :hugs: Discord - Vee#0135

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