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Velocity Strike - A raptor buff idea

As most of you know, nowadays, hybrid and non-hybrid raptors (with the exception of Utahsinoraptor) are extinct from the meta, which is honestly sad, considering the minimal variety we have nowadays (though boosts, as of now, slightly changed that for some time).

Now, for one, Utahsinoraptor should be excluded from the proposed changes, as it is already strong and relevant and has a special basic strike.

First, some stat changes… As of the speed tie rules, 129 and 128 speed raptors no longer have a chance to go toe to toe with higher rarity creatures that can’t only usually one or twoshot them, but now they are faster on even levels. There is also the problem of some being so frail that Dracorex Gen 2 can oneshot them at full health, which should never happen outside of a crit.

Pyroraptor - Raise speed to 130 and health to 2450
Charlie - Raise speed to 130 and health to 2450
Echo - Raise speed to 130
Delta - Raise health to 2450
Pyrritator - Raise speed to 130
Velociraptor - Raise health to 2405

Now, they would still succumb to the higher rarity contenders, because of superiority strike (Diloracheirus), bleed (Spinotasuchus) or cloak (Erlidominus), but they would be able to land a first hit, as they were always meant to.

Now, the second idea is a new move called “Velocity strike”.

It would be a simple 1x strike but a priority move. The point of raptors is to hit fast when it hurts. Utahsinoraptor is already allowed to counterplay slowing (Decelerating strike) so I don’t think it would be a game breaker.

It would be applied to every raptor (non-hybrid and both Pyrritator and Spinoraptor) except Utahsinoraptor, and this move would be inherited by Spinotasuchus as well (which is a superhybrid with raptor heritage).

Also, it would be the much needed counterplay to Instant Charge, which don’t really have a proper counter now.

With the proposed changes, Raptors would be able to once again fulfill their intended purpose of “hit fast when it hurts” instead of being Dracorex fodder.

They also would still easily succumb to hadrosaurs and stegosaurs, as intended, but only going down with damage in-line of what is experieced with other classes’ hardcounters.


I like this idea. I miss having Pyrri on my team. :frowning:


I always wanted something like the main raptor of JP 1 attack. It could have an awesome animation of two raptors attacking from the side. Like an ambush attack.



Very well thought out @Raven! I like the idea of increased HP and speed. That priority move should be standard as they are pretty much useless without one.


This is a marvellous idea @Raven!
The other raptors deserve a place in the meta and it’s in a balanced way :smiley:
And I love the “velocity strike”, it feels indeed like a raptor’s signature move. Besides, I feel like the strike move is pretty boring haha

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Heck yeah, Rocket needs an emergency buff as the other raptors

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Shameless self-bump.

I forgot about Spinoraptor, now it is included in the suggested change.

Utarinex albeit nerfed is still pretty good.

Pyrri used to be a great counter to Utasino until they took Distracting Impact away from it. I hate the 1 turn delay on Distracting rampage. Totally ruined the hybrid.

I agree they should have an instant basic strike. Good idea :+1:

They are too weak with their basic strikes with how the meta has shifted for most dinosaurs to have specialty basic strikes

Now if only we can find a way for tanks to be good again


Utarinex technically isn’t a raptor. But true, it kinda plays like one.

I just noticed, what about indoraptor?

Indoraptor has armor piercing strike. It is a heavyweight of the raptors, I don’t think it needs a priority basic.

Love this idea

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Love the idea, although i have a few tweaks. This velocity strike should be like an instant gashing wound, symbolizing the raptors’ violence in the movies. It would be like this: Velocity Strike: Priority, 1x Dmg, 3/10 DoT for 2 turns. Now they should also bring the speed of ONLY Owen’s Raptors to 131, but pyroraptor to only 130. Pyrritator and Spinotasuchus can either have this move as their basic attack, or dfs, which would also fit since Pyrritator has Irritator counterpart, and Spinotasuchus has Kaprosuchus counterpart. Thats all.

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Nvm then, I also think it’s OK

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Well, I don’t think wounding is necessary, priority is already a really strong component, as well as high speed and the proposed health buffs.

I don’t have an objection against the Raptor Squad being 131 speed though, that is not a bad idea at all :slight_smile:

Ludia said that because tanks meant to be counters to raptors, they do not want to give raptors with 129+ speed wounding abilities. That is why only Spinotasuchus and Spinoraptor have wounding abilities.

Oh ok noted. And i mistyped i meant dss NOT dfs, as in Defense Shattering Strike

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