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Velosrhacos Potential?

Just from first glance, this thing appears to ha e very good stats and kit, as well as being easy to make. Would this have potential in higher arena?

no propably not, I would see that it starts out as the terror of mt sibo but the midway threat of marshes and the end of its reighn in aviary.

Decent a cunning until library or high aviary. I just rarely see resilient where I float.

No, It will lose to many things with speed control. It has a 1400 damage base rating at level 26 or 1701 at level 30.
It is glass cannon though with 2700 hit points at level 26 and a base of 3281 at level 30.
That being said.
With a boost set up of 0/20/10 It would have 2552 base damage and 150 speed and can alternate damage shots of 5102 constantly. Although some may see this as a waste of resources. No other creature in the game can put out that much fire power at that speed on it’s first two turns.
EDIT: Alloraptor the ultimate glass cannon can do much more.
As can Erlikospyx, but only if Erlik starts out after one of your creatures has died and Erlik does the revenge distracting attack first.

Velosrhacos does have 100% swap prevention resistance. So if it survives a superior strike type of attack, it can still be manually swapped out.

I think not noting that it loses health quick against the bigger dinos.

possible nerf xD

Considering its two shotted by everything with resilience… nah.

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It really depends, this thing could gor for prowl and have a 55% crit chance. It already does 2800 and could do 3,500 with the crit. If its a fierce, I might even add another rampage onto that which I’m pretty sure its a run move so if its reilient because they would need to go for strike, then they would probably be dead too.

Absolutly none.
A pure cunning,resilient are still toi strong in the current meta.
Even in tourney half of the Epic hybrids have resilient moves

If it has armor or a resilient more (or superiority for that matter), it’s gonna lose. I think it’s nice, but I don’t think it’ll get you far

Deliberate prowl in my opinion has no use on it either. It would be way better if it was sidestep.

I spent all the DNA on Phorusaura, so I don’t think he’ll be on my team for some time