Velpciraptor blu? Is so OP


This New raptor has shield. It is so OP in this dino.
How you obtein this raptor?


It’s an event Dino later in the week and there was a special showcase incubator in the market yesterday so your opponent must have bought those.


Blue should be the event dinosaur for 6/24.
(Just if Ludia keep going dinosaur of the day as scheduled)


I’m gonna try to get blue on it’s event day I hope the bring the incubator back


Why is Bleu OP ???
Did you see movie, read books ?
At the end som dino must be strongest / toughest . . . .


This game is not a movie or book.


I’ve already faced blue and killed it as easy as any other raptor it really didn’t seem that op to me


I can’t even get blue lol xx


How did you even find this post from two months ago :joy:


@Heather i find myself wondering the same thing when I see these old posts come up with people commenting :joy::joy::joy:


She’s not that good, get a Stegosaurus.


She was alright when this post was actually written


Yeah she still was weak since her dmg was low but now im just like yay ty for the free kill :joy:


Old post… LoL I just thought it was funny seeing someone asking where to find Blue… And then I looked at the dates of posting. Why is this thread still here? LoL