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Venomous Dinosaurs


Hi Ludia,

I may be just curious, but will we ever see any venomous dinosaur in the application? Apparently, there was one feathered dinosaur Sinornithosaurus, which was able to inflict venom on its prey.
Their move-set could be pretty much like bleeders (DoT), and yes maybe if your dinosaur is inflicted with poison, it could have some probability to miss their hits.
That ways we may be able to explore some new skill sets and creatures to play with.

You can search for Sinornithosaurus in youtube, there’s a small film on it from BBC.

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Man,there is already to much RNG trouble atm on the forum so…even if i like the idea,that wouldn’t be welcome i think.

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Give us compys with a venom bite

Stackable effect like light bleed but with slowing


I like this idea. And the counters to this would of course add more possible moves. I also think that’s an interesting idea. So there would be a percentage chance of the poison striking? Something different that I never thought about


So just read that again. Your saying that the Dino that was hit with poison will have a chance of missing it’s next attack? Correct?


Correct. But I did like your point as well, a percentage chance of poison striking would also be great.


Think bleed but low % of health per turn plus a slowing impact … Like the opposite of erldominus.

Not stun just stacking light bleed and slow.

Like the movie compy bite


It ain’t gonna kill ya out right easily but it would be a super set up move


Just give us intimidating rampage from the 1.3 datamine. It would add even more craziness to the dracocera fad :joy:

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It would bring the incentive to add more dinosaurs. Maybe dilopho could have it also


one word: Troodon