Vent about the game here

If you need to destress, do it in this thread, i dont mind nor care :slight_smile:

Close your eyes and pick a random thread. Nine times out of 10 it’s a complaint thread. :smirk:


Ludia says “we listen” so I guess we will be having a good bug fix update lol

We do listen indeed, but to frustration expressed in civilized ways only.


Can you tell us if they are working on fixing matchmaking? Like putting it back to opponents based on trophy level. Now more then ever it needs to be this way with boosts.



By “here” you mean… the entire forum, right? That’s what we do every day :joy:


@Ren please tell us about if matchmaking is going to be fixed. Its a huge mess right now

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Alas… that’s what the mods are probably asking the devs… sigh.

I don’t know why they just dont just say it’s a pay to play game app now at least that would be more honest then saying they listen to complaint and are trying to fix them lol and that the game is for everyone lol. I’ve played since day 1 I would spend a little here and there before usually no more the like 40 if I needed extra coins and had vip which I do on most my games. Built up DNA and my dinos. But it doesn’t mean a thing since now you literally have to pay to lvl anything up or battle. So can’t really honestly say it is a for everyone game it’s for the paying people’s game.

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@Ren “sorry you’re mad our game isn’t working and want to complain about it. We won’t recognize our game is messed up because you’re mad.”

That’s professional isn’t it?

Forgive me or numerous other players who are frustrated, mad, and maybe don’t come off in our post like we are sitting in church confessing our problems.

The game has so many bugs and glitches in it. Not that they are anything new but bugs that have been known or reported for months and have yet to be addressed but instead new things are added to the game.

There are also numerous great ideas and proposals that have been asked for by lots of players for a long time that haven’t been implemented. Not all are for the players benefit but for a community or to make the game more enjoyable.

So we ask and ask and report and report and in the beginning it may have been civil or nice or whatever. It gets annoying after months.

This is how we feel. Watch this video. It’s clean no cursing. Only a minute long.

Unfortunately my frustrated vent sessions aren’t exactly forum friendly :joy:

But that’s what I have my alliance for :wink:


Playerbase: Please Ludia, change the matchmaking and for the love of God, nerf Dracoceratops properly



The amount of great players I’ve lost since 1.7 from my alliance due to them quitting speaks for itself.


I’m not doing PvP with my primary account for the rat infestation but I am having a blast tonight with my 2nd account.

I’m playing with both Smilocephelasarus I made yesterday and Dipovatator which I just made tonight. I also brought the dodo bird (ugly duckling) up to team level for fun and it did well the one time it got picked. I got all three kitties one match but lost. It was fun just to throw all three out in battle.

This was today’s team and made use of all of them.

I’m up to 62 creatures to choose from and plan to get Momomimus this weekend with Mono being out to add that one and bring its component up to team level. I’m hitting level 10 and 11 players with their first boosted creatures and manage to still beat those. This is the way to do it and not get trapped into funneling down into 8 over boosted creatures. In the end, you miss out on being able to set up all kinds of teams.


@Oriondestiny How do you make these cool dino layouts? Do you screenshot and crop each individual photo and then place it in your spreadsheet?

New to the game…only person in my town that plays. I am housebound so that isn’t helpful to making a better team. I don’t see how anyone gets far in this game without spending money. Tired of losing to everyone I run into. I rely only on the free 5 hour incubators and the PvP isn’t worth it. Beginning to think my town has the right idea…hate being the only one playing. Although the sanctuary is near me and I can plant a couple of creatures there and level them up without anyone bothering me. Going to give it a few more days though and try to stick with it. I have been playing for 15 days now.

I wonder what kind of intern they let come up with this matchmaking, and the trophy award/loss formula… Wins get me 24 trophies, losses = 35+.

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Awesome. My 2nd account won’t be having anything over level 16. That’s amazing that you have so many!