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Vent your frustration

This is the anti- good news thread.:smiling_imp:

For emotional stability it is advised to get the bad things out of your system. So whenever the game is causing you frustration this is the place to use your voice!

So here we go: I’m sticking to basic pvp wheel because the modded ones gave me kaprosuchus 3 times in a row, with Monday’s unlock event this means 4 unwanted kapros.
I know it’s not that bad but it’s frustrating and I am petty. Besides it’s been raining for 3 days non-stop.


Game crash bug… :joy:

In the morning I was doing the JH statue tactic and not 5 JH were placed that the game crashed. On a re-login, none of those 5 were there on the island.

I felt like tearing all my hair out


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All my trade offers today were pretty much garbage and I need some DBs.

Not really frustrated, it is what it is but certainly not ideal

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I spent 400 bucks on modded pvp and my best reward? 15 sdna
I also accidentally picked up all 300 or so decorations on my island


6 modded pvp 3 times unknown connection loss 2 times unbeatable opponents one fair fight where the players had equal dinos thanks ludia for that that way you are not winning Players your loosing them

Oh yeah i forgot that definetely making fun loosing 9 rare mods without fighting sarcasm off

LMAO imagine complaining about modded PVP when you have a rajastega. Can’t relate.

15-20 mod battles. 0 legendaries. 0 hybrids. 2 super rares. Over 50% rewards were basic resources. 1 s-DNA pack.

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You got me there

But I bet you didn’t pick up all the decorations in your park and had to place them down all over again

No, worse. I’m lowkey tilted to the point where if I don’t get something good in the next few days I’m going to go crazy and dump all my DNA into my lineup.

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Did you go crazy and dump all your bucks into modded pvp yet? Also guess what? I just got a diplotator from modded pvp


I just accidentaly sold a kapro. I was trying to place it down from the hatchery
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

the game gave a bug today that made it buy creatures that were in cooldown without me having clicked on them lol

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You should change your game strategy, mine works with 90% win rate. I use this, a level 1 common dino, 1 level 40 legendary or better, and another level 1 common dino with same type than your strong creature. That should give you easier matches and you will use only one good dino

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I tried that too what i got. Opponent had 4 40 legendarys :rofl:

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4? But limit its not 3 :thinking:


Game decided to be nice to me today and gave me 15 s-DNA instead of food. And that’s not where I’m dumping my bucks. Give me a few hours or a day or so and you’ll see.

Remember this lineup. It’s gonna look a lot different in bit.


Oooh I like this thread!

Let’s start with Ludia only wanting money. Now look, I’m cool with micro transactions in video games if they aren’t loot boxes/pay to win, and as much as I like this game, it does both! They will market packs with a certain Dino for example yudon, and fill the pack with other, less valuable Dino’s and make you have a 1% chance of getting the yudon. And these packs will often cost over $40. And can we talk about gradys survival kit? I feel bad for whatever kid bought that.

And pyroraptor. Now I know ludia came out and said you can’t unlock it a year ago and DESPITE the fact that I had it previously unlocked, I wasn’t mad. What DID make me mad was when they released a new super hybrid that you need carnoraptor to unlock.

And how about their relationship with us who play the game. Now granted, I haven’t ever tried this myself, but from all I have heard it is ATROCIOUS. There’s no way they haven’t noticed people’s complaints, and for the most part they haven’t listened.

In conclusion, ludia sees us as walking wallets and cares more about bleeding us dry than improving their game.

Thank you for attending my ted talk, now I’m gonna pet my dog.


Gigaspikasaur needs a unique hybrid

3 i meant of course
So last fight will quit pvp now 3 red aquatic against 3 purple aquatic. I couldnt kill one. Enough of this nonsens

FYI, only use common mods in modded pvp. I believe if you bring stronger mods, so will the AI. If you use common, they will use common about 95% of the time. Sometimes they throw in a rare mod and very rarely do you see a super rare mod.