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Vent your frustration

This is more a frustration with myself. I tried to hatch 2 Tapejalosaurus not checking my paddock and now I can’t hatch the 2nd one because my paddock is full. I would really like not to sell him, but to hatch him I would have to fuse one pair of my level 30 Tapejalosaurus to level 31 which would then be the top dino. Wasn’t really looking for a ferocity jump, but maybe it’s not too big?


Yes I would do it, you’ve got the lineup depth to handle ferocity jumps of much greater magnitudes… unless your after the extra dna? :dna: :money_mouth_face:


Yeah, I did it. I didn’t want to lose the free Tapejalosaurus.


Trust me youl not regret that decision, 14 hr cooldown, absolutely dominates tourney runs at 40 and hes got such a cheap feeding cost too compared to tropeogopterus or the tournament legendaries.


You’ll eventually doooooo iiit!! :joy:

Game crashed after I closed and erased SDNA and food collection. Now my times are off and with no grace period… I ca only just let the times slide more.


She is definitely doing these on purpose, now I’m 100% sure of. She likes the agony we’re through. Chanya’s coding is sinister.

I share your misery. :pensive:

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Luckily for me my games been very stable since the latest update, however before this my game would always certainly crash on picking up dna and sdna, sometimes not saving them at all, I’m sure I’m still weeks behind on some of them because of this :anger:

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From Canada Day

And Gen 2 Fury

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob::sob: :sob::sob::sob:
My F4F has better opponents



I cant wait to do this :blush:

I got the top prize but look at the bad prizes except the raja. I got 3 food cards.



So ok, I need to break my silence on this. Someone needs to step up and tell what they’ve done with the moddeds. Because I’m now 100% sure of something is far off with these! Why do you have to nerf everything until the outcome reaches ground zero? Let me tell you what, move them Rajas and Spinos all out of the elite wheel. Yeah, remove them already. And increase the odds of those 40 gang members. Or maybe you raise up the entry fee a bit more! How 'bout that?

Someone could ask why I’m so deeply frustrated. Let me tell you why. I’ve been doing moddeds for ages, even I’ve created a specific thread right on the spot, but the last three rounds of moddeds after the last couple of updates were nothing but a bad joke. I know how they work right? So please take my comments as the most objective here. These are not some personal thoughts in deed. Just, and only, pure observations.

Yesterday, I came by an offer as usual when I needed the least, so I decided to make it count. And let me you to see the rest for yourself.


I did 30 matches straight. Since the bug doesn’t allow me the other way around, I needed to log out and log back in after each match. Let me list what happened real quick.

  • I went second most of the times, no joke, like 8-9 out of 10.
  • Class disadvantage was strangely enourmous as I go second.
  • Opponent creatures were 2 main 1 fodder in general and those two mains were back to back in the first two spots, leaving me no space.
  • Rewards were even beyond awful, as I earned 40 gang numerous times and barely earning, let alone a Raja, SDNAs.
  • I’ve once witnessed that when the opponent goes second after I reserved my first move, it went 1 attack instead of going for 2 as it always do! And I’ve lost that battle.
  • I’ve lost 4 or 5 times out of all those battles.
  • The only thing I’ve earned and call as a “reward” is a lonely Spinoraptor, which I’ve shared it on top.
  • That last picture is a rare case as I had a clear advantage.

P.S. This was the third time I’m observing such a case. So I decided to share this as certain.


I tend to use my high health level 30 Urtinotherium with two fodders now. I very rarely go against a snow. I usually use split wound to start, then vitality on my main and Endurance on my 3rd spot fodder.

I will say recently I’ve seen the AI attack only 3 (I think it was PVE though), instead of 4 when it could 2 hit KO me. It did it in two battles back to back if I remember correctly. I think I had more than enough moves to win though, so maybe that was why.

Decided to give it a whirl since I already set it up. Here’s my battle that went as expected. I got to go first too :grin: I think Ludia messed with your account, lol, joking of course.
He switched and KOd my fodder right away. I KOd him straight away, then switched and reserved, then KOd his second guy. I find if I go second, I tend to reserve a lot because AI will save up.

Edit: did another one with all Cenozoics to take care of the daily mission. This took longer because his second dino didn’t want to attack since he couldn’t KO me. We danced a little, but in the end i didn’t even have to use my 3rd spot fodder (probably would’ve gone a lot faster if I just switched him in and sacrifice, oh well). I did go second this time though. Won a Diplotator.

Edit2: last Edit I promise. Did a third battle and went first again. This one was a nice little gift basket though. Won 30 DB, so my 3 battles were free :grin:


That’s frustrating for you. I was lucky enough to win the same pack today and got 1 food, 100 db and DNA. Rather have that a Raja than tge Supersaurus I won though!

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Sorry to hear about the string of bad luck, I have been getting the standard matchups in terms of what I get faced against, nothing crazy and I usually have a way out for a win. I would say a 95% plus win rate regardless if I go first or second based on moves made in the match.

Rewards have been so so but yes I always do an internal eye roll when I land on the 40 crew unless it’s DB.


Usually with the PvP it’s either a straight up win steamroller match where you go first, or your terribly outmatched by both ferocity and class disadvantage and you go second, there really is no middle ground, at least in my experience anyway.

I would like them to revamp the PvP because I used to farm a lot from these but now theyve left me a bit disinterested to say the least, always seeing the same old creatures aswell, there are literally 100s of creatures in the game that I have not seen once ever in a PvP battle, even in ceno PvP you can actually cheat the game by taking advantage of the fact you never come across tournament legendaries or vips, limiting the strongest creature youl ever face to a level 40 indricoceros, which smithetoceras cuts right through…


This game seem to work in patches. If you hit a bad patch, come back later.


Proof that the slider in the code 19s needs to be removed.
2 humble observations…

  1. Im fairly sure it’s not my phone glitching or lagging in the code 19s.
  2. I feel I’m the only one that thinks this?
    Not trying to upset anyone

No matter what I try, last slider always becomes laggy. And it basically costs me to lose at the very end. I’ve taken Chris’ advice to wait a little before starting one to prevent it and helped a little as these lags seemed to be reduced. But it happens randomly at times and leaves me helpless.

And especially while I’m already messing up from the very beginning, then it means bye-bye to my creature.

Amphibians and high level pterosaurs are my nightmare.