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And tell them to create a new way for code 19s NOW. from here on out I will be forced to sacrifice all sdna in order to prevent my dinos being lost. In this case tape and his 2 day time unacceptable. It’s time to cancel my vip. So someone anyone get ahold of time and shift it to February of next so I can cancel vip. You manage this and you may name your price as payment. And not 10 seconds later…

Hey ludia you know where you can put that part of the game… hint hint. :wastebasket:


I guess my focus during Code 19 is lately lower then it used to be. Also, this N shaped tracer is very frustrating as I fail on it for the reasons not clear to me - which is especially painful with higher level carnivores which should be easiest for Code 19 completion. The result is rather high percentage of non-perfect Code 19 attempts, which frustrates me a bit (especially as the DNA prize amount is rather high in this game stage).
But today I hit a new bottom: not a single perfect Code 19 scored during morning session - I think I have never achieved such a bad result :frowning:
This time not only N tracer was buggy (actually I had only one such case today), but I failed that last slider as well almost each time (not due to a bug or something - I was just slow, I guess)
Hopefully the rest of you guys are in better Code19 shape than I am currently :frowning:

Damn you crash.

I had to pay 266 bucks to bring them back.
Then it crashed it the middle of recovery but I luckily it gave me another chance at it to gain some dna.


What the hell is going on ? I’m getting screwed over by the AI. I’m in low predator and I’m facing this.

First i thought i crossed the halfway mark in pred , but i checked I’m at 76th in pred.
Before that i got a couple matchups where AI brings at least 2 creatures with class advantage with 1 neutral. Only won 1/3.

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I would say that your team is to weak for lower Predator or at the very least on the edge of being to weak.

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Actually it’s the my strongest one that gets 40 , any creature above it goes to 39. Lv30 ophiacomimus is where it becomes the line to stay above.
It was kinda close to the line. But lv10 i rex gen2 kinda worked ( except for the two times I pulled 3 amphibian and 2 amphibian and pterodaustro ) for me.
Now that it’s been couple of hours and I’ve vented o feel like it was that one odd matchups

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why would you lose your tape paddock. If you don’t do anything with code 19’s Owen just takes care of them automatically. You only have escaped creature if you choose to do it and lose.


Thnx for the information.

We need to work on some kind of method that helps make fights easier. Seriously.

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Level 1 alanqa, strong carnivore, strong pterosaur, gets me most of my wins in dom league.


I put my level 1 guy at the end and make sure it matches my 1st main type. Same idea though.

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I used to do that, but I’ve gotten far too lazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My best strategy is level 1 tric., than level 20 diplosuchus, or 7 tapej or 7 mono or 20 indo gen2 or 1 or max carno and then a level 40 legend or 10 vip, that can normal survive one hit of opposing creature(so no glass canon) and I get a 90% win rate, the only time I lose is when 2 or more opposing creature have type advantage on my main


There are many existing threads that discuss battle strategy just do a search or check the pinned directory topic at the top of General discussion, I think there are 1 or 2 in there.

In a nut shell any combination of creatures that let you reserve, sacrifice, clean house.


The lag is back again for me, only for creature selection in PvE and hatchery so it must have something to do with timers.

I’ve sent a ticket to support because it’s so bad I cant even de-select mods off of my creatures.

Cleared about 2 gb extra space from my phone and this does not fix the issue also.


Pff this could be just a sand grain in the ocean but this guy is killing me when I try to max her out quick, despite she is one of the most generic and easy to earn legendaries through out the entire game.

I don’t know if this is an easter egg or something as TRex being an icon for the entire franchise or not, but either way, she is so stubborn while evolving. Not exaggerating, I really can’t remember that I’ve managed her to evolve under 4-5 tries in a single sequence, up until now. Plus, what are these final portions for Hammond’s sake?! 🥲 I know she IS big, eats big, similar to what it was in her times. But c’mon, this one was my fourth and I’m not sure if I should be happy about it. :joy:

Wait?? Why did my food amount stay the exact same after I fed her up? Do I have the same glitch with the one with my coins? Oh no, let me check. :confused:

Edit: Nope it goes down as I feed my creatures. I got confused. :expressionless:

Edit2: I just figured it out. It is because I’m showing you the info screen of her final evolution, not her current level, in this case which is lvl 40. So both of these two pics were taken when she was well fed. Yeah, I’m a dumb dumb. :expressionless: And that other glitch made me trigger so fast seemingly. :man_facepalming:t2:

Anyways, fact is, she is glutton as hell. :cut_of_meat:


Just hatched a i rex gen2 and it doesn’t count towards the place a newly hatched i rex mission.
Now that’s sad. I never unlocked i rex because I did not think I’ll need her. Now I’ve to if i want to move forward with story missions and keep unlocking battle stages with a godd pace.

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For me, I pretty much use Instant Fusion Lab to fuse all dinos 7 hours and above
The only time I put one of those was my second lv 40 Diplotator, I used a lot of bucks to speed it up poor me :joy:

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@Keith please pass along to support that this is why I’m ending my vipship in February.

I don’t believe I’m able to send tickets anymore.