Vent your frustration

I suggest you disconnect fb because:

  1. Gmail logins are coming out soon
  2. It only causes trouble when it goes down
    Also I don’t know the good things about fb sooo…


Ludia quit playing games with my heart


What is the safest way of doing that? Plus what if I change my phone during the process, well, before the GP option comes by?

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Oh February oh February oh come thou February

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I have not been in this thread in a while just did a reply to get to the end faster

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Seriously, if I hated this game as much as you, I would have quit playing a long time ago. Life is too short to be this agrivated


and its still happening 6 hours later


Still waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting so on and so on and so on


ikr, like i just wanna play the game


I hate the issues with the game. Like not being able to login. I can do a lot with one run but fb isn’t playing by the rules. That’s what got me so aggressive and upset. Since I work weekends my time in tourneys is already limited. Then login issues make it much worse. This is why I need to be like those that don’t have their accounts linked to fb. Unfortunately I don’t know how to make this happen. Sorry for being a drama queen. I know that I’m going about it the wrong way so I guess I need to take a beat.


The true purpose of JWTG is to have fun, if you don’t have fun what’s the point of playing ? Grinding is useless if you don’t enjoy it


I understand, I have many issues with game. Life is not perfect at all


Hopefully this team is strong enough to get the job done​:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


You’re probably better off putting your bird second. If he switches, he’ll likely switch the amphibian into his first spot because his ferocity is higher than the herbivore. If you end up sacrificing your amphibian, your bird would be ready to take out his amphibian.

Edit: I would attack first, but that’s just me. That way if I do end up sacrificing the amphibian, either one of my other dinos can 2 shot his Carnivore.


Similar to what I ended up doing. Took 3 tries tho. I ended up going for an super team


I’d have gone for an amphibian with 1000+ health in first spot . Try and survive until i can and then sacrifice reserving all. A pterosaur with 500+ attack in second spot to 3 shot the herb. Then the lv20 masto would take care of rest.


A carnivore, Tape and Raja would do this battle quick


Along with what Bandeezee said.

When you post your battle teams it doesn’t always look like you pick the best team or team position for the given battle.

A little strategy goes a long way with these battles. More than 1 good strat for sure and people will do things different but putting your carno in the 2nd position is just about the worst class in the worst position

Given there is a high chance they will switch to the amphib right off the bat if they KO your amphib one way or another you are then up against his amphib with your carno.

A lot of times with battles like these against 3 classes when you can get class advantage over the opponents lead off dino but that same class of dino doesn’t have disadvantage against anything else on the team I will just pick all 3 creatures the same class. In your example I might have just picked all amphibs especially because the Herb isn’t exactly high health and wouldn’t be hard to KO without class advantage… So all 3 amphibs. Scarifice the 1st when you reserve 4. KO the amphib with 4 hits, reserve 4 play to win from there.

You could go amphib ptero amphib as well wouldn’t be terrible if you have the right ptero for the job.


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I think I am officially tapping out. How do you beat a Gryposuchus with 7848 kill hit? Every time I level up a dino the game triples my competition.


Do you have a max metriaphodon or zalmonodon??