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Vent your frustration

I’ll look into that
Thanks a lot mate :heart: I appreciate the advice


Bro U literally cursed and ur asking for better moderation?

I just lost 6 thousand DNA to that glitch. @Keith plz help

Support and then etc

OK, this one is entirely my fault, I don’t know how I managed it.

A couple of weeks ago I used the big discount to buy another Indominus gen2. I couldn’t get her straight into hatch, so I just bought the one. Mine are at L18, so I needed two.

Last week I caught the hybrid discount and bought the second one, or so I thought. After nearly a week I speed hatched her in today’s discount.

I did some other stuff then went to feed her. But she wasn’t there.

Nothing, just my 2 L18s and the single L10.

At first I panicked, thinking of all that DNA and time vanishing into thin air.

Then a suspicion set in. I went to my gen 1 paddock

I had only spent a week hatching the wrong Indominus without noticing :woman_facepalming:

Back to the hybrid discount tomorrow for 2 Indominus rexes, one of each…

How did I manage that! Was it a slip of the buying finger or a serious brain failure?


Really sorry but, I laughed so hard on this. :joy:

I imagine the times you were checking out the hatchery to see how many days left and that makes me laugh even harder. :rofl:

Ok, I need to stop. I’m sorry indeed.

But it was hilarious! :sob:


There was no aquatic hybrids in today’s customs, even if I’ve tried to go for two extra trades, spending 650 bucks in total. All were super rares or legendaries in return of overpriced DNA costs.

I have no other option but to wait for tomorrow’s discount to fill up my final lackings. Almost ready for the weekend. :v:t2:


And due to unavoidable circumstances I missed the hybrid discount, and so both my lonely I rexes will have to wait a week to grow


I do this so much and I’m not sure why I haven’t learned, everytime I place a day hatcher in the first slot the next mystery pack is gauranteed to have one of these beauties in :man_facepalming:

Sayounara dino bucks :roll_eyes: