Vent your frustration

Thats a bummer. :pensive:

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Haha, I love my luck. It’s the tournament for the component that I already have. The other one for the hybrid is of course lacking. I’ve waited quite long for that moment, for that release. Now I’m lacking a silly carnivore that I’ve gladly skipped as I would earn another unnecessary biter with mediocre stats.

Guess what? It turns out to be needed. Bummer.

Çağkan sad.

I have no enough number of tear drops. I sweat, instead.


I just have a few issues to list.

  1. Velociraptor and Velociraptor Gen 2 lost there levels design and are now stuck looking like level 10 but actually a level 20,30, or 40.
  2. Bagehesaurus paddock animation bottom jaw is stuck in one position and while the rest moves around the bottom jaw is stuck and stretching the model.
  3. Tsintaosaurus jaw at level 40 doesn’t move like at all. So it looks like a ventriloquist dinosaur making sounds without moving its mouth.
  4. One of Edustes bottom tooth is stuck and thus stretches its model a bunch.
  5. Photo mode isn’t in the corners anymore like they used too.
  6. Salamander paddock ground is quite literally under the floor making it look like its walking on grass.
  7. Bagehesaurus sells at 10 dna no matter the level (though I know they will fix it just like the common super hybrid pterosaur.)
  8. Bageherpeton and Edaphosaurus rule tournament that last only one day will not unlock even if you finish in dominator. Then why even do the tournament. It should have been like when Dilophoboa was released and both Dilophosaurus gen 2 and Titanboa tournament where able to unlock.
  9. Why hasn’t there been a modded Cenozoic only PvP like how aquatics have it.

That is tough. There were all these speculations about which combination would form the new hybrid, but no-one I think spotted that one coming. Quite a lot of forum regulars have been caught out.

All you can do is amass what you can and be patient. Perhaps next year’s big hybrid tournament will solve the problem.


Wait a minute, is there two tournaments? Why did I not see the other?

Ok, I had my answer after seeing the other threads. No unlocks, still sad.


Thank you for giving me solace. I have lost the urge to play daily, or even weekly anyways. I can’t believe myself that I’m losing it but I think the game’s dull shape and continuously repeating bugs and glitches had harmed my will, so I can blame that.

I don’t wanna play it all day everyday but I don’t wanna totally drop it off either.

We’ll see. :slight_smile:


Urgh this is horrible. F4F fight no. 2. Every creature in this line-up has over twice the ferocity of my top creature and a high defence, making them really hard to beat without class advantage. I have tried everything I can think of but somewhere in the middle of the fight he reserves just one attack or defence (& I can’t tell which) and it makes it impossible for me to win. I’ve tried switching back and forth but that failed too. Totally frustrated.

Just some of my failed attempts

Please no-one say ‘oh that’s easy…’. It really isn’t.


You need to get some higher level hybrids stat. When i see fights like this balancing my team becomes less and less important, when i can always find a way with the right amount of attack. But your highest creature only does 1100 attack, without advantage that wouldnt help it much, id say get some attack into that top level of your roster and you should be okay

Is that really a very good advice? I suspect increasing the ferocity of some creatures will only make the AI bring even stronger opponents? When I see what some people like @Sionsith are facing in F4F (or maybe it has been infinity battle stage, sorry if I remember wrong) it doesn’t look to me like increased ferocity make anything easier… To me, it looks like the very unpredictable attack - block - reserve pattern in F4F is the biggest problem.

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I am not sure what you mean…


My advice would be to try the setup you already had.

Monostegatops, attack 1 to start and hope he switches, lol. If he does switch and attacks 1, then block 2. If he doesn’t attack 2 after that, you have to reserve all to be safe. If he attacks 2 instead, then you can block 3 and he should attack 3 (never really know for sure). Then attack 1 and reserve 3.

If he doesn’t attack on the switch, then block 2 and play it be ear after that.

Ostaposaurus, hopefully you have 7 vs 0 moves after first dino. Attack 4 and reserve 3. AI should attack all 4.

Dimetrocarnus, attack 4 and block 3. Just hope his last herbivore attacks 4 since it can KO you in 2 moves. Then attack all after that, you win (you need at least 4 attack to win).

You need a lot of things to go right, but it’s possible.


You know you’re moving too fast when your instant hatches refresh and you use one right away, but you accidentally used it on Dimetrodon :man_facepalming:


I don’t know if this fits in the “vent your frustration” thread, but couldn’t think of where else to put it. Is the legendary rumble very carnivore heavy for other people also? Today the AI “only” served me 9 carnivores out of 12 creatures. I think I have been up to 11 out of 12. This was more frustrating before getting a couple of prestosuchuses as strongest amphibians. I was just wondering if Ludia is doing this to others also, or is it just targeting my amphibians since they are the weak spot of my legendary lineup? (I’m curious to see what happens after I start fusing ostaposaurus…just need 3 more copies to have 12)

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Yes, my legendary rumble battles were always carnivore heavy. I am not stressed about it anymore: as my top amphibians are Gorgos lvl 40 with 3+days cooldown, that event is simply not worth it anymore for me. There are no LPs as reward, nor DNA - only one legendary creature which is more-less worthless to me (both in terms of trading or lineup - there are simpler ways of getting them…).
So if you can live without that one extra legendary - I suggest you to just skip it… :man_shrugging:


Almost a Víctory… Almost. :laughing:


Ooh, I hate when that happens! I had that once with my eolambia but it was left with 5 health. If only it didn’t go for that extra block…

Same as @filip1971 my legendary rumble is almost exclusively carnivores when I do bother with the event.

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Just use High Atk Dino, this event has a Very predictable AI.

What on earth is your problem Ludia? I just spent 1k on this draft and this is what I get?! I know it’s hard but this is a massive downgrade in creatures from the last one. I understand it’s supposed to be hard but this is quite literally 0% chances. Especially with these bots. I was trying to start grinding again but y’all just ruined that.


Trying to do the indom G2 tourney and I am having to wait 10+ MINUTES for the game to load my opponent and even though I haven’t even started a battle, if my phone turns off IT PUTS MY DINOS ON COOLDOWN!! Seriously!!??

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