Vent your frustration

I would check the old gyrosphere threads to look for tips if it gets difficult. There was plenty of advice in them.


I was stuck on this screen for 40 MINUTES!!! Come on Ludia. Why


Not really venting but when was this whole season missions thing added and does the pack unlock the gen 2 Pteranodon for non-vips? Sucks that I took like a 6 month break, hate missing out on things like this Lol

It is only one copy of the ptera g2

My only frustration is watching how in a slow pace the game starts to have less and less players, I really hope that with the new movie this changes.

But I guess a lot got tired of waiting for new amphibians (and even with the new one they expected nothing new and missed one of the components), also missing more dinos to match the end game ones, plus the disconnections, touching one statue and the game closing and so on.

Not me, yet one day it will remain very few players like us, and eventually just like original dinos we will get extinct. But just like “life finds its way”, the way never stays the same, for the partners of the forum it was a pleasure to met you, and I hope I can still hear you from now and then. I’ll keep playing till I got mostly of th e dinos one copy each, then maybe I’ll go crazy and turn everything to DNA or maybe just let my dinos rest alone retiring them from years of fighting hahah they are getting old :smiling_face_with_tear:


Sorry it took so long to respond… I know what you mean, it looks like the quick solution to add to the top of the roster, but as @Elin_Ronne says this in my experience just causes the fights to get harder very quickly. I am trying to keep my ferocity level at a point where the Tournament dinos are worth having when maxed, this means I don’t want to go any higher than my L21 Osta for now. But I could fill in a bit, so this week I added another L10 Monostegotops and fed my L23 Diplosuchus up to L25. A bit more of this will help.

In fact this week although the battles looked crazy (Erlikosaurus with over 10000 health and about 2200 attack was a bad start) I just breezed through and won each won first time. I was just predicting the AI’s likely moves much better. Here’s the last two battles

@Bandeezee, thanks for the suggestions last week. He kept switching and storing, not attacking. I was wasting points blocking for nothing and couldn’t generate stored points. I worked this out and switched strategy with the next line-up, but his mid-strategy was very unpredictable and I had to guess, and kept guessing wrong. Meanwhile I was using weaker and weaker teams. Eventually it wasn’t worth continuing .

Much cheered by this week’s win :slightly_smiling_face:


You can’t really blame the players. The game has just a very steep climb for new players. The game has many problems that makes people just quit.

The flaws just results to players hacking or just playing other games. You might explain that the game become easy if you watch and study guides and tips, but that just means the game is the problem. The game should be the one helping you improve rather than searching from outside.

The design of the game is from a long gone era, same design from the Jurassic Park Builder. It cannot really keep up with everything else in the Mobile gaming space. You can play MOBAs, MMO, Battle Royal, FPS, and Fighter Games with really good quality. It probably going to just go extinct in 2-3 years.



There are lots of strategy games where the game offers no help to players, and the community is where all the info is and that’s part of the experience (Dark Souls). They exist, and this game isn’t necessarily one of them because of the shallow skill requirement and the burdensome/repetitive endgame.

I think this game still holds it’s own, it’s just nothing is really changing the way the players want it too, so most get bored whereas Alive is roughly similar in the collect-them-all department, but the skill floor is higher than this game.

We want bug fixes, more late game content, certain dinos, but the devs are taking a leap with it all. We got playable bosses, which was endgame content, we got the amber market because we wanted ways of unlocking out-of-rotation hybrid components, we got Bagehesaurus because wanted a powerful glass cannon tourney amphib hybrid. It’s a lot like a magic genie, we get a wish but there’s some caveat that bogs the experience down.

I’d say the issue is indeed the players, with only a small and fair part falling on Ludia like the bug chasing and QA.


You can’t really blame the consumer, Products are base on peoples wants. If it can’t be be provided they will loss interest.

Dark Souls is designed to be difficult, but this game is advertise for kids. Dark Souls teach you as the game goes on, because its a Skill base. This is a strategy base.

Jurassic World has a massive IP, but can’t even compete with others. Again, If the game cannot provide what is asked then why not just switch. The game is the problem, because it is not the only available game in the market. Players aren’t to be blame because they think the effort isn’t as good as the reward.

I would like to disagree, it’s not a hard game, if you think it’s hard you should played like me when it started, DNA was a PAIN, today I can make easily 80k of DNA a week, and use s-hybrids to finish every tournament at dominator league, back then even a t-rex was way expensive, today you can earn the value of a t-rex with two trades, refresh and then another and so on.

Back in the day ONE I.Rex was an achievement, today it’s pretty easy (last weekend one easy tournament for it), also if you do every mission the game gives you s-dna and easily every two weeks you can add 3-4 powerful dinos just by playing daily. Yes it’s not also a super easy game, but once you master and discover all of the tricks is easy.

The bugs are annoying and the slow rate of powerful hybrids for end players also is annoying but at least they keep adding new things, maybe now new players don’t know something called patience and want instant gratification, that’s why they hack the game because they want everything instantly, the issue with that is that if you make everything instantaneous, people would stop playing because in two months they would have every creature. The name of this game is patience.

You can watch players that wants one copy of each, other that wants doing every event they can, other focusing only in aquatics, other going wild with level 40 indoraptors, and the cool thing is that you can go your own way and you must treasure your resources and plan what you want and how you will play, yes it maybe takes more thinking but it’s way more rewarding than finishing a game in two months and then erasing it.

And let’s face it, today every game has their own outside guides, even new Xbox games doesn’t have any “manual” of how to play it, how to gain more coins, and so on.


I actually used to try weaker teams batting stronger teams. It worked out quite a lot, but now I only willl resort to it when all my stronger ones are on cooldown

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I don’t have screenshot or anything but I didn’t got guaranteed 100bucks

Bring back all bulider animals such as arthropulera, anomcladris , clossal squid

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Bad luck for me, did this gyrosphere thing 11 times yet I’m missing one statue :smiling_face_with_tear:, also if that couldn’t be bad enough each victory gave me an amazing 0 LP.

I wonder what will I do with all those duplicated statues :joy: how much bucks do you think I could get offered at TH?


Not nearly as bad as your situation, but I only had two of the four statues. So I had a 50/50 chance to get a new statue. Of course my first one gave me echo which i already had. Second to I got Delta though and that was new for me. I just need Charlie, but after seeing your bad luck, i think I’ll wait until he’s available for purchase, lol.

I also received 0 LPs for each win.


I do remember getting LPs for one before

The Bagehesaurus needs a max HP of at least 6894 or higher, not 6699. It just doesn’t feel right when the hybrid gets a stat level lower than its parents’ stats combined, in this case, HP. 4069 + 2825 = 6894, not 6699, so I really hope Ludia can raise the poor croc’s HP to at least 6894 or higher.


IDK if this is a glitch but I literally just need echo to complete the 4 rapors set and after 4 battles trying to get echo I completed the “blue set”

I was so lucky to have a smooth run and get blue, charlie and delta in 3 different tries.


It does not make sense that a tournament dinosaur like the Nodosaurus takes 7 days to hatch and a hybrid like the Metriaphodon also takes 7 days to hatch, but the instant hatch for the first one is 250 DB and is 400 DB for the latter.


I agree with you, but it instant hatchery price is based on rarity. I believe legendary super hybrids cost even more to instant hatch. Can someone fact check me on that please? Thanks.

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