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Hmm this is a good idea actually

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i did the same with my overstega

For me remove scap and ichty, you can add prionosuchus instead.


Can you custom trade these legendaries for lps or do you mean regular offer?
Regular lp offer for creatures is getting extremely rare for me.

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I need 4 scapy to max wish we could do something like 2 golden rewards pack dinos < 1 golden rewards dino. Fair enough

I did 50 buck refresh and got ichtyo for 1,200 lps

Ct nets about half the price i got 600 for my shunosaurus

That’s still not awful. At this point I am happy with any offer but coins. I even take food offer for unwanted legendaries.

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Hmm i really want to clear my market so i am selling legendaries for lps except those which have a hybrid

I would also recommend to do the daily 3x 50 db refereshes. The offers are really worth it

I hear you. I already have a mostly clear market, but during the last couple of days I received so many creatures. It seemed like every little mystery pack I opened had something I didn’t want in it. I also do a lot of pvp for the (soon to be failed) community event and I can hardly catch my breath with all the creatures I’m getting.

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I am getting tons of kapros and aerotitians. I already maxed one and i am 2 away from maxing another kapro (sold one for lps today) and all of them are from modded pvp. I maxed one aerotitan and i am 5 away from maxing another. I have maxed diplotator by getting all from modded pvp and i made a diplosuchus last month… Looks like the modded pvp is rigged to give anything but rajastegas and spinoraptor…

I am just waiting now to hopefully get kapro to db and lps trade.

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Today I did only one modded and it gave me spinoraptor, I was so pleasantly surprised. For the past couple of weeks it kept giving me kapro (this one 3 in a row), shuno or aerotitan I started praying for the 40dna reward. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am really happy with s-dna of any creature except the velociraptor. But the game likes to throw kapros and aerotitans at me as if i had taken an oath to make a farm of them…

One day, you’ll really want the raptor SDNA.

It will take 26,000 SDNA to make 12x Indos. And another 26,000 SDNA to make 12x Indo Gen 2.

Unless you have over 52,000 SDNA, you’ll still need it when you want to hatch a bunch of L1 Indos.

Later on, when you want L11+ Indos… you’ll want even more.


and each indoraptor sells for 40k of DNA :laughing:

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every time i get a super-rare pack (except for once i got a quetzalcoatlus) I always get a cenozoic and i cant even use them
edit: i finally got something else, a supersaurus and spinosaurus

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I understand what you are trying to say Timmah but that one day is probably gonna take more than a year. So thank you but instead of focusing on something that ahead i would rather focus on something that i can get faster and is gonna help me all the way till the late game…

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Really? That’s a brilliant way to make dna

I must admit, 52,000 sdna isn’t a lot considering we will probably make more than that by the time were ready to make an indoraptor

Ludia be throwing out raptor dna like its candy

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