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The second round of my modded PvE today, the random gave the AI a defenders (plus 1 defense per defeated Dino) and a tough skin on the last Dino, than a toxin and finally a terrify (I had a terrify too and won). Than the next round had a toxin on the last Dino again.


Isn’t that 4 mods?

Dear Ludia, please do something about glythronax it is trash. Either decrease the cost or give it a buff. Thank you.


The last dino I had to KO of the last battle of the modded PvE today froze and the dino’s were just stuck doing their animation but the AI didn’t show any turns and didn’t do anything. Tried everything to get it to pick back up to no avail. In the end I had to forfeit the match and re do it. It’s annoying when battles crap out, but it’s way worse when it’s a modded one. Grumble grumble


Kind of a good news bad news thing.

Just got the boss dino on D2s game. Yay!

Looks at bDNA challenges.

Use 50 herbs
Use 50 Amphibs
Use 75 Carnos. <---- SAY WHAT!!!

Have to use 175 dinos. Thats over 58 battles in 3 days. I’m sorry, that’s just stupid, no one wants to do this crap.


Yes, but look for the battles that don’t cost anything (fight for funds, the fusion one, and I’m sure there are more but can’t think of any). I think @Andy_wan_kenobi mentioned those and it helped me. I just put in 3 commons, quit, rinse and repeat until it’s done.


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Test Your Strength, although that one only uses 1 creature


I had to do the second battle 3 times and toxin again on the 3rd battle.

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That’s what I have been doing but it’s still tedious and annoying. It’s too much


Agreed, would like some different missions tbh

Is it just me or does it seem that Ludia has increased the amount of time for fusions to complete?

Fan of AC DC? Me too. Also, no they haven’t been longed. Evolving time at level 11 for common hybrids is one hour, two hours for rares, four hours for super rares and eight hours for legendaries.


Thanks. Luckily I have 2 free fusions a week and I’m about to get one more…

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Lucky man…

fusing lvl 40 run of the mill legendaries is the worst IMO. 8hrs, seems like it takes many attempts and your end result isn’t anything special in the long game.


Super rare hybrids were always 4 hours… or do you mean all of the failed attempts?



I’m getting so much better at the code 19s now but is anyone finding the N shaped tracer super sensitive? I’m not having trouble at the start of it just at the end I am either too slow or too fast, very frustrating these N ones

The only things that keep me from a perfect score and I’m starting to think they need to look into the N tracer a bit more

I used to have trouble with it too, now I do an exaggerated movement and it works. So I don’t follow the light very closely I rush after the first spot then wait for the light to pass my finger then tap it.


Just as my DB were on the rise again, I accidentally bought a ticket on this…

Guess it serves me right for trying to multitask feeding the baby and holding my phone at a weird angle. :man_facepalming:t2: