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I think lv.40 Normal legendary such as Sarchosuchus and Ichyostega is a good choice they will sit above lv.20 Ankylodocus.

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The level 40 legendaries will disrupt my ferocity i have kept them at 33 for now…

@The_Phoenix your Lv.20 Ankylodocus has 1538 health and 481 attack (3077 ferocity) some of legendary you can upgrade to lv.40 and not hurt your line up such as Ichyostega(3317F) , Sarchosuchus(3334F) , Unaysaurus(3194F) and Microposaurus(3141F) and under your Ankylodocus is Lv.30 Nundagosaurus(2993F)

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Got my 2nd Orthacanthus and 8th non-jurassic vip today! Thank you so much stupid game😒

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Had some trouble thus morning in the Size Doesn’t Matter Event. It took me three times to beat the amphibian stage because I couldn’t get a clean 8 hits. It took me two attempts to take care of the herbivore stage on my son’s account for the same reason


I wasn’t looking at the screen and mistakely traded 4 million food for 1k dna and since then no apato or coin to food trades. Is this all planned by the game😡


I’m waiting for mono S-DNA so I can buy a 3rd monostega. I was at 943 a week ago, since then did modded PVP every day hoping to get it over 1000. Today, I am up to 993 and I got the S-DNA pack from the wheel. “Hooray!” I thought, “Finally, I’ll get over 1000”. Turns out they were all Kapro and Euplo. Did another modded PVP after and landed on Sarco. Oh well, too bored of PVP to try again lol.

Yeah, that stinks. I have 12x Monostegos at L2 and they are the new backbone of my Dom lineup. (It was Ankylodocus at L20, now 6x at L24 just a little less than Mono, but a 10hour cool down.)


When your opponents never go for 4 defence… but they decide to this time… in a modded battle :anger: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Aether_12 That’s super annoying. I feel like I run into stuff like that sometimes in PvE, where I swear they switch up the AI. I’ll go for what I think is the normal pattern and get all out of sorts.

My search for Mono S-DNA continues. I did, I think, 10 modded PVP battles last night. I got another S-DNA pack with no mono, and I even got a monolophosaurus rare lol. Still need 7 more to get my 3rd Mono. On a positive note, I did get a Rajastega during my run, so I’m not too salty about things overall.


Today’s custom trade gave me the Scaphognathus I needed for a max. Oh wait… A third max… :flushed:

I really wish this luck was for Suchomimus or Prionosuchus lol


At this pont I would be greatly shocked to get the two needed prios.


Is it locked for you or did you grab it when it was still in the Battle Stage?

I didn’t know it was in a battle stage before. It’s locked and I only got 4 in over 13 month from gold packs and 2 as a prize drop reward.


In 10 months of playing, I finally got my 9th Dimetrodon, so I can finally make the hybrid and still have 1 copy left over.

More unlocks would be nice… but I won’t hold my breath.


I need DBs. My luck with DBs from both tournaments, CoT and trade harbor have been terrible. My inventory is starting to get more backed up than I prefer. I even resorted to trading a Yutyrannus for LPs today as I probably wouldn’t end up hatching it for weeks at best.

On the plus side my DNA supply is steadily climbing as I have no intentions of buying anything for a while until I get current things hatched out.

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I had problems getting enough DBs to stay afloat until I cleared my market of dinos, mods and anything else but Apato Fossils.

Now, I’m just struggling to stay north of 40,000DBs because I splurge on discount days. :wink:


The only thing I have are dino’s, not even very many. I get the Legendary and below ones out quick but the tournament dinos have been stacking up on top of ones i’ve been buying. I get a few fossil trades for DBs but not too many, my daughters game gets noticeably more offers than I do.

Like I mentioned, I’m gonna hold off on buying for a while and focus on clearing my inventory to get things under control and hopefully get some more frequent trade offers.


I’ve actually been seeing what I call a “4 defense loop”. I don’t know when or why it happens. All I know is that the AI in PvE events will sometimes randomly start doing 4 defense every single turn. In these cases I get up to 8 points for free then I spam 4 reserve 4 defense, and the AI stays in the 4 defense loop for like 4-5 turns at least. To make the loop even more exploitable, when the AI exits the loop it nearly always does so by doing 4 attack, so if you just spam 4 defense 4 reserve you’ll always find yourself in a situation where you have 8 points and opponent has 0.

So far it’s only happened to me in PvE events. I haven’t put this theory to the test in arena or tournament yet.

By the way guys, I saw a lot of people talking about Golden Rewards packs from events. When do I upgrade my Silver reward to Golden? Is there a level floor?