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Interesting thoughts. For most prizes we do get the odds in this game, such as the lottery, but of course there you can spend real money, so there is legal obligation to show what you can win and what the odds are.

Incidentally to answer your coin question, we have ‘heads’ (with the picture of the king or queen or president) and ‘tails’ with the other picture. Sometimes it is not so clear which is which when there is no ‘head’ as with many Euro coins.

Yes, you’re right about the fact that in the lottery, they have to show the odds, because you can buy a ticket with real money. But when you take part of a fight in PvP, the transaction is with…DB, which are available on the store with real money. I don’t know where the border is, but I’m sure Ludia got some good lawyers to figure it out…! kidding.

Oh, and thanks for the coin things. I’ll remember it. In France, we say “pile ou face”. “Pile” is for the side of the coin with numbers indicating its value, and “face”, for the face with a representation of anything from a historical figure to a monument.


Oh, I understand the odds don’t change, but I still think it’s odds out of total plays, not just your own. Like I said, it’s just my opinion. I don’t think we’ve been told either way. Someone just scored 2x the 1% prize on the prize drop and 2x the 5% prize all with just 10 tickets. The odds of getting 2 1% prizes let alone the 2 5% prizes too is just crazy. This is one of the reasons I believe it’s out of all plays, not just your own.

Edit: so my thinking is for every 100 modded PVP wins (out of all players), someone is winning a Rajastega, not necessarily 1 out 100 of yours own wins.

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I think they just use a random number generator with a not so great seed. Results seem to rhyme at time.


It seems there are two different questions. One is whether or not our prizes are decided at the spinning wheel. As most here believe, our prizes apparently are not decided at the spinning wheel. The reason is that sometimes we can know the prize before the wheel is done with the spinning.

The other question is how our prizes are determined. I don’t think the prizes themselves are predetermined. It may be, but it seems too complicated. It makes more sense to have a program that distributes probabilities to the prizes and then run on those sets of probabilities. This is simpler and actually explain our experience (mine, at least) with prize distribution. And also, this way it wont matter if you take into consideration the plays of one player or the plays of all players: the probabilities of getting a certain prize are going to be precisely the same. So, normally we get either coins or food because the probability assigned to these are higher than those assigned to anything else. As it was mentioned before, we don’t know exactly which probability is being assigned to each prize. In a normal lottery, for instance, we do know that. In fact, we don’t even know if the probabilities remain the same for a prize that just came out – if the program lowers the probability for a prize that just came out, in order to avoid repeating the same prize, it would make things very different from flipping a coin.

Anyway, If that is how things work, one thing we learn is that we will increase our chances to win improbable prizes playing more times. Of course, improbable things can happen anytime, but if we play more, more chances we have to get those infrequent prizes.

One final thing. In order to avoid frustration, we should adjust our expectations toward the prizes. I don’t think 500 DB, for example, is “decent.” This is one of the best prizes we can get and I’m pretty sure one of the most improbable.


Even with my best dinos I can’t do this. Come on! Why you gotta make it so difficult?


I can’t tell you how many times I knew I was going to win a card pack before I even gave the wheel a spin. I know this because my card pack daily objective would get marked complete before I touched the wheel. This is happened in events and in mods purchasing. The wheel is irrelevant.

Do you guys think that I should when I get Gorgosaurus. Max it up and keep it or max it up for Gorgosuchus? I am going to get Gorgosaurus in at least eleven days. I might sell Indom. at that point for more DNA for Gorgosaurus.

If your top creatures are all carnivores then yes your events will be difficult, you need to get some good flyers in your bench


And for that I need more DNA…I have some great flyers but even my level 20 metriaphodon can’t stand up to 2 hits from Ludia’s level 87 (shouldn’t be allowed) ostaposaurus…here’s my flyers…

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Ah damn, have you tried using l20 zalm in first slot?

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It couldn’t hurt… I’ll give it a girl

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Could try l20 zalm, l20 indo and l20 metriaph in that order, he will switch to the irritator as its higher ferocity than the pteradactylus I think, build reserve with zalm take out irritator with indo and clean up with metriaph

I would also fuse a couple of your tapejalocephalus up to 30 to be more in line with your indos if I were you

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Just tried and there is no scenario where I can win that last battle. Just not happening… Oh well. Until I get more creatures I’m going leave it as it is because I’d much rather win a tournament then 200 dbs. The fight for funds just isn’t fun for me anymore…


I really dislike those intrusive db to creature offers at the opening screen. Of course I accidentally misclicked and spent god only knows how much on a helicoprion. :frowning:


No… send a ticket to support.

modded jurassic/ceno PvP was annoying me yesterday.

I normally don’t do pvp other than I do 1 modded battle every day to use up the 3 mods i buy for the daily mission. I almost never lose and it typically seems fairly reasonable as far as match ups are concerned.

Yesterday for whatever reason I decided I wanted to do several modded pvp to try and get a lucky prize and I needed 70 Kapro sDNA for another spino.

Bought my oommon mods and was on my way.

1st match up is a nightmare, no class advantage and all the dino’s on other team are higher in ferocity than mine or comparable and their last dino has inspire boosting all their dino’s way above mine. Lost that one but it was close.

Then the rest of the battles I did tended to be similar, facing higher ferocity dino’s with higher level mods, starting with class disadvantage and 2nd move.

IDK i guess I expect the matching making for this to be a little more balanced.

I did end up winning 50 kapro sDNA but I’m still a little shy of 1000 all other prizes were pretty trashy.

Probably won’t do that again anytime soon.

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Collect 20million coins… and you are rewarded with 67,760. Uhm, if I just collected 20m, why would I want 67K?



Next time take screen shots of your match ups!

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