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Vent your frustration

Best thimg ever.

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That’s pretty bad luck on the inspire mod. If I just bring common mods, usually I face common mods or maybe a rare and very rarely a super rare mod. I’m assuming you used common main common strategy?


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I use similar teams as I do in tournaments. I don’t typically use the common main common teams. Normally tanky herb, good atk amphib, good atk carno.

It does seem like bad luck, when I am doing my normal single modded pvp per day I normally match up with other commons but on occasion I do match up against higher mods.

MirrMurr, I’ll have to remember to take screen shots, I don’t tend to post or share too many screen shots or care to for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

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When people say the prize is “predetermined” they just mean that what you will get has already been determined when the wheel animation comes up. It’s almost certain that the actual method of determination is based on a random chance with probabilities for each prize level set that apply equally to everyone and for every time you land on that prize level. We just don’t know once the odds fall below 1% just how low they go but we certainly know winning the top tournament prize pack is exceedingly remote.


I think the biggest take away from the “predetermined prize” is that what you “land” next to on the prize wheel animation doesn’t mean anything, you were not close to “landing” on the grand prize pack. So the wheel is just for fun and show, and even if it was filled with all grand prize packs but 1 spot and the grand prize was less than 1% odds you would almost always “land” on the 1 prize that was not the grand prize. Again because your prize isn’t determined from the actual wheel even though visually it looks like that and the example I gave would make you think the odds were stacked in your favor but they are not.

Probably could have worded that better but oh well.


I did a couple of modded battles for the daily mission. Here are the matchups for examples of using common main common. It’s usually a win unless I get two big disadvantages, then it’s most likely a loss.


Those mug shots of prion and tuo :joy: perfect


This is more than evidenced when we tick off the ‘open 3 card packs mission’ before the wheel has even spun.


Hard to compare because of the team strategy you use. I might have to start doing similar for modded pvp


Tuojiangosaurus be like :

images - 2021-04-08T095800.246


I use the same strategy for MOD PvP, sacrifice, strong, sacrifice especially when using common MODs. If I am using up Legendary or Super Rare MODs then I will go with a team of lvl 20 VIPs. If doing Aquatic on the first type, I almost exclusively use a cannon Surface as the strong creature (typically Tylo), if I am doing Cenozoic/Land I use Brontotherium as my strong.

Rarely if ever lose, even when getting matched up against a bad draw of MODs.