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oh idk that…cool.

What is this reward?


I call it rubbish

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About 1/425th of a gorgosuchus.


I got that too so…

Why u do this? Legendary mod with so low dinos?


I heave tried to do it 4 times. 5 time better work. I have no dna left because I spent all I have left on this.


It took three attempts to get past this infinity battle. AI kept reserving with his first dino and wouldn’t attack in the regular pattern. He blocked 2 to start, then blocked 1, then blocked 2 and reserved 2, then attacked 3 and blocked 3. Then he attacked 1 and blocked 3 or would block 2 and reserve 2. He also wouldn’t switch out his first dino, so it made the set up a little harder. On the third match I just put the Pterosaur in the 2nd spot assuming he wouldn’t switch again. I didn’t screenshot the 2nd match, but I chose almost the same dinos except i used a Zalmonodon instead.


I had a similar case yesterday, barely passed. But today AI oponent was so weak, I was able to win with my “almost-middle-ferocity” :crazy_face: creatures…


I have been observing that, if you have a creature in the first slot with some mediocre stats which clearly implies that it is just for the sacrifice, I think AI kinda “senses” it in a way. Then refuses to switch and goes for attack instead. Witnessed this several times before. Especially when your second slot creature has a disadvantage against its first, this probability increases drastically. In such scenarios, I keep on reserving with proper blocking till I reach 8 full next round, no matter what. And in general, AI goes back off by switching in the end, as the odds start to turn against its favor. And if not, I use my third slot sweeper to teach it a lesson. :wink:

BUT, the main topic I’d like to point out here for days is, the moddeds!

Yes, I’ve been doing some quite good amount of moddeds lately and been feeling something different. I’ll share a quick list just to show you how did those moddeds have become harder. I honestly blame Ludia for this as their effort to make it tougher to grind moddeds, as all we can see from the previous incidents, just to prevent players from getting “too much” of recources “without in-game transactions”.

Anyways, here they are.

Quick notes beforehand:

  • I’ve only experimented with the Land vs. Ceno Moddeds, used mostly common mods and rares in minimal (the ones have popped out of the common packs)
  • Used fodder main fodder method only.
  • Used creatures with at least 5k ferocity.


  • Had super rare and even legendary mods on the opposition, more than before.
  • Went second most of the time which is insane. No balance no nothing about the startups, in overall matching.
  • Class disadvantage were also increased due to going second. (Since there was a correlation between these two, at least believed to be one by my own experience, it is expected.)
  • Opposition generally lined up as first is the strongest (main), second is the average (not fodder, but weaker) and third is a fodder. Sometimes first two slots were the similar creatures but above the mediocre level. (Especially this and the others above, wouldn’t give you the chance to get away with the class advantage by reserving enough points.)
  • Much conservative AI, as it barely goes full and letting itself exposed. And especially at one on one situations, it reserves then blocks all if necessary and just to survive, instead of going all 4 or so and getting exposed next. I’ve lost several times at the very last moment just because of this.
  • Much sensible AI throughout the whole match, nearly making you believe there is another player against you. Only the first “go for 2” move, gives the AI away.
  • Rewards got a bit more decent as I barely had a member of that infamous “40 gang”. :slight_smile: Or it was just my luck, or my self effort to reach solace. :man_shrugging:t2:
  • Disconnected in the middle of the game several times, without any decent reason.

I have a serious belief upon this new update, as it may caused all these.

A summer day bonus: Now you cannot complete the story missions with the structures, just by storing them and placing next. Game wants you to buy brand new ones. :raising_hand_man:t2: Not a big fan of those useless missions but telling it with the aspect of any player who aims for “completion” in all possible parts of the game. :hugs:


I believe in my second match, I tried just reserving to start and ended up with 6 moves vs his 3 and he still wouldn’t budge that first dino. I even ended up with 8 moves, then he started going into a 1 attack 3 block pattern (don’t remember seeing that pattern before), but still wouldn’t budge his first dino even though my Gorgosuchus had the advantage. It was very frustrating.

Edit: just a reminder, my match was an infinity battle, not PVP. In PVP, they aren’t that stubborn about switching out the first dino.

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I have been doing at least 4 Aquatic MOD battles a day for the last couple of weeks and haven’t noticed any significant changes. Every once in a while you get the crazy MOD matchup but mostly just common and rare MODs. I am only using common MODs in these battles. I do remember losing one match that involved facing an inspire that was placed perfectly (which is typically not the norm), but I think that’s the only one. My one Cenozoic and Jurassic MOD battle I do a day to clear the use three Cenozoic creatures I can’t remember the last time I lost one.


I’ve noticed that this game is walking around on a minefield. Yeah, most of us were well aware of this one, but the thing I’ve witnessed today was a cheap move.

I think also @Lora_Green had mentioned this before, months back I think. So rude Ludia. Not cool. :rage:

It usually happens when you are both out of daily ads and the instant hatchery slots if you own them.

Then turns back to normal after a while but the casulties in the meanwhile are not compansated, as expected.

To avoid such a sour situation, I recommend you to use some toothpicks with an electro-static tip while scrolling back and forth.

Just kidding.

About the toothpick part.


You have to patience… pachigalosaurus also took a long time to switch here but in the end he gave up and switched to gorgosuchus…

the secret is to keep your dino alive as long as possible…


Oh, I had patience, but I wasn’t going to keep blocking when I could no longer guarantee I would survive an attack. He would go to 6 moves, I would block 5, but then he only attacked 3 and would potentially have 7 moves next. I reserve all, then he ended up blocking 3. Then he would do go to 6 moves again. So I block 5 again, but again only attacked 3. He did this, he also attacked 1 and blocked 3. He always left a bunch of unknowns so I didn’t know if I was safe or not. He never switched with all those different moves.

Did you start reserving or blocking ?

I always start to reserve and when I get to 8 points and it doesn’t switch I go 4 attacks and 4 reserves to do damage XD

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Yes, I reserve up to 6 or 7 at least, but like I said, he would have 4 moves and not attack, so I assume he’s reserving enough to take me out (AI usually assumes you’re blocking 4 if you have 4 or more moves). So I reserve 2 and block 5, but he ended up with 6 moves and only attacked 3 and then had 3 unknowns. I have to assume he might reserve all 3, so I reserve 1 and block 5 again. But he blocked 3 and is back to 4. Either way, I was stuck because he wouldn’t move and my 2nd dino was a Carnivore assuming he would switch in his herbivore, but he never did. So, finally I just put the Pterosaur in the 2nd spot assuming he wouldn’t switch (which he didn’t again), and took care of him that way.

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ludia is making bots smarter…


My game crashed multiple times yesterday.

1.It crashed before I even noticed that it had finished loading!

  1. It crashed while my park was loading (my park, not the opening screen).

And then, of course, something happened I’m real life causing me to only play JWTG tomorrow when I hadn’t played JWTG or checked the forums for the past 14 hours!


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My code reds activate after 3 am here, so I encounter them either right before going to sleep or right after I wake up. In both cases, I have to deal with them with a sleepy face.

I hate my clumsy fingers getting even clumsier at those times. :yawning_face::expressionless:

Then bye-bye to my full paddock of Tapejalocephalus for three days.

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