Venting my frustrations

So I’m in a pretty chill alliance. However people keep putting duplicate in the sanctuaries (3 Carnotaur in one this morning). I’ve politely asked several times in the past to stop this and explained why it is not productive. I’ve explained before how sanctuaries work in hopes of educating! This is driving me crazy now. I don’t particularly was to leave the alliance but im seeing red now and can’t see this behaviour stopping anytime soon.
Anyway rant over :frowning:

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It is actually very helpful to have multiple of one creature. For example if there is 3 sinoceratops in one of the sanctuarys. You use feed and play on one of them so ur dna reward is less. U use one of the other sinos in the sancs and get max dna reward. See? Its helpful


Whoa! I never knew this! Thank you :slight_smile:

We use only clustered sancs (al same type of Dino either one or two fusing a 3rd) cause you interact with all or many the level raises quickly and more people are using them.

The basics of lvl 20 sancs mean you’ll have your entire Alliance using FIPS on creatures they don’t want but are high levelled and boosted to get it up and then have a week to FIP the creatures replacing those which you may or may not want. It’s a lot of hassle and we decided it’s not worth the effort or the FIPS

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No problem:)

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