Ver.1.4 is upcoming!


Just as we guessed before…
Here comes the flying… reptiles!!

More patch info will be released tomorrow!


Yes! Flying dinos!!! About time!


probably won’t see it until after the tournament ends


Because new update might come with some re-balance for existence dinos, I think any buff or nerf during tournament will be unfair, and cause huge backlash.
So new update arranged after this race ended will make sense.


yep. get in your last games with stegodeus and stegoceratops before the are nerfed to death :+1:


Yes! I’m so excited.


I will be glad to see stegodeus killed. So sick of it.


Awesome. I hope the spawns around me receive a little update as well…


Yay!!! Cover your head… dino poop falling any time! :slight_smile:


Hope the patch contains good details on the dinos and their hybrids. Time to collect some advance dino DNA based on patch notes.
Also, hopefully there is a creature migration. Sick of seeing Iguanadon and Diplocaulus! :face_vomiting:


wondering if they will be in their own separate arena since the new arena is obviously the pterosaur cage from jurassic world. or if they’ll be able to fight the other dinos too.


They’d be kind of useless if they could only be used in one arena.


“Bunch of monkeys on the ceiling, sir! Grab your egg and fours, and let’s get the bacon delivered!”

  • RAF banter sketch, Monty Python


My guess is we would be able to select these flying reptiles along with other dinos in any matches/any arena. Just the animation sequence would be different.

Though, it would be cool just to have an arena where only flying reptiles are allowed. Time to form a complete new team while not being worried whom to replace (other than meta changes) :slight_smile:


Do you live in my neighborhood cause that is all I see! Plus Apatasaurus


You must not have battled in JWTG! The pterosaurs fight on the ground and fight against amphibious carnivores and herbivores so it should be ok! I think the best fun will be the AR with them flying around


The only time they would need a separate arena would be if they added Aquatic Reptiles like megaladon


they need an arena called “Edge Of The Aquatic Enclosure” where you could fight mosasaurus vs IREX, etc.


I really hope there won’t be a typing system like in JW The Game. Otherwise, so hyped!


I guess we both live in Local 3. The Local 3 pre 1.3 update used to be filled with many good dinos like Para, Dilopho!!