Veritas, a top-200 Alliance, is recruiting active members! 8-9 Championship, 8+ weekly incubators, active raiders!

Hello everyone!
Veritas is a group of laid-back but dedicated players looking for more! We are in the top 200 of the Championship leaderboards (regularly reaching tier 8!), reach weekly incubators of atleast tier 8, and regular raiders!

Here’s some more details:

Minimum requirements:
-10 participation points on weekend tournaments
-Gifting DNA reasonably
-Lvl 18+, 3500+ pvp medals
-Age 15+ as we are a fairly mature Alliance

We strongly encourage joining our active and helpful Discord! It will incur many benefits such as:
-Better coordination of Raids. We regularly conduct and help each other with Apex raids, and Discord makes it the easiest to coordinate. We have team members from across many time zones, but you can expect most raids in the evenings in NA time zones. Even if you can’t make some raids, we love sharing tips and strategies for helping you grow your team to become Apex-ready!
-Sharing Tournament and team tips
-Posting absent notices. We know that people can be busy especially on weekends. If notice of absence is given we are quite flexible!
-Just chatting!

That’s it for now! We’re a big group of players that love playing JWA through its ups and downs and can’t wait for you to join us. Let us know if you’re interested!

Hey there,MisterEm I’m mot at lvl 18 but I hv trophy count almost 3500 I am a very hardcore and regular player… playing on daily basis.
Though On lvl 13,I hv smilonemys unlocked and almost going to unlock Magna and few others.
I roam on streets daily for glowing lux and coins…but after all that effort my alliance don’t do apex raids,so I want to join a friendly group for raids…