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Verizon Wireless presents... THE Indominus Rex

“She will kill… Everything that moves”

Do you think it will scare the kids?
“The kids…? It will give the parents nightmares…”

Bigger. Louder. MORE TEETH.

Alright, I will stop fangirling.
Those of you who know me as a veteran player and a long standing forumer know that I swore to “Main” Indominus and make her the Queen of my team.

Here she is. The Indomitable Queen.
More than two years of playing and she has been my first legendary.
My first lvl 30.
And now my first full boosted abomination.

She grew up so fast =’)

Sadly not the first ever full boosted I-Rex but I believe the first ever full speed one.

The slayer of sauropods, dethroner of kings, the executioner.
And now with the new cloak. Lady Vengeance =D


I would like to see some high boosted and high level Indomini in this thread. :blush:

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Nothing but love for my nasty girl. I’m gonna keep on levelling and boosting her as far as I can.



Congrats! :smiley:
What she hit on a cloaked rampage crit?

Those are some scary I-rexes

Snowflake spilling blood in the library…


My Indys Max is only 10,000 at the moment. She is level 23.

13154 on Revenge crit
9567 on normal

If my memory is right

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She is gorgeous :heart_eyes:

The health is crazy, that is a juicy one

Beautiful :purple_heart:

A guy on my team did over 30,000 damage to mortem Rex with his Indominus.

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Must have been max damage :scream:

I’m not sure how it’s boosted. I told him he should share in here.

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My girl…


IT’S OVER 9000!!!


When you budget says you cant get boost no more

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